(Un)deadly Price

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(Un)deadly Price is a dilemma for the Lizardmen.

Description[edit | edit source]

The mystical Slann Mage-Priest have devised a new ritual to increase the speed and agility of your mighty Saurus warriors on the battlefield. However, such advances always come at a price; some of the those who fall may rise corrupted, and the Unliving are an abomination in the eyes of the Old Ones.

Employ the ritual[edit | edit source]

It is though the Old Ones themselves speed your troops to ever-greater victories over the foe... until they fall, and become abominations unworthy of their sacred legacy and the great plan.

  • Charge bonus: +15%
  • Speed: +10%
  • Vampiric corruption: +1

Leave this ritual alone[edit | edit source]

You will not sanction such measures, given what they may produce. Such thing risk all the work that has gone into the Great Plan - it must not be allowed to fail

  • No effect