A Surfeit of Loot

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A Surfeit of Loot is a dilemma for Norsca.

Options[edit | edit source]

While raiding across the sea, your warriors discover rich pickings in a coastal village that was easily overcome. So rich, it turns out, that your ships, already heavy with early plunder, cannot carry all you wish to take. What should you take with you, and what should you leave behind?

Iron and Metal[edit | edit source]

Abundance of Metal

Take all their iron, metal and pots - anything that can be melted down into a weapon ready to be bloodied.

More blades and armour lets you press deeper into the southlands.

Meat and Mead[edit | edit source]

Abundance of Meat

Take their meat and their mead, these weak fools do not need their victuals now they are all dead.

The food and drink sustains your warriors, giving them new strength to conquer many new lands.