Abandon Ship!

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Abandon Ship! is a shipwreck treasure hunt / dilemma introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It can be encountered when searching Fell Cargo or Shipwrecks.

Version one guide[edit | edit source]

A loaded shipwreck starts to sink as your heavy-booted crew fail to take care while offloading the salvage. There is only time for one more load before they must abandon ship!

Arms & Armour[edit | edit source]

Recovered from the wreck - fine blades and armour for the battlefield.
Your army will perform better in battle.


Your exploits on the high seas has led to the salvage of arcane imbued blades, enhancing your army's combat skills.

  • Treasury +1500, or an uncommon item, and:
  • Faction-wide buff; 10 turns; Ensorcelled Blades: Melee defence +8, Melee attack +8

Or result

During your adventure on the high seas you salvaged heavy armour and an arsenal of weapons.

  • Treasury +1500 (or uncommon item possibly?), and:
  • Faction-wide buff; 10 turns; Heavy Iron: +8 Armor Piercing Damage, +15 Armour, +8% Weapon Strength

Barrels of Rum[edit | edit source]

Yo-ho-ho and a barrel of... such a restorative will keep your armies merry and healthy, and have the crew throwing caution to the wind to explore the map.

Your army will perform better in campaign.


Your exploits on the high seas have borne fruit, a bounty of maps revealing distance lands. Trunk of Maps (10 turns)

  • Magic item drop chance +25%
  • Possibly treasury +1000?
  • Campaign line of sight +50%

Common magic item drop.

Or result

During your adventures on the high seas your procured a bounty of rations to stave off ill-health.

  • Treasury +1500
  • Wax-sealed rations
    • -10% upkeep, all armies, 10 turns
    • -50% casualties from attrition due to high seas, reef, maelstrom and storms