Abandoned Camp

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Abandoned Camp is a treasure hunt intoduced in Total War: Warhammer II that can be encountered at Mysterious islands.

Text[edit | edit source]

Your warriors stumble upon an encampment.. Debris and spilled accouterments suggest the original incumbents left in a hurry.. Then, a roar pierces the air... something is coming - scavenge what you can and scarper!

Options[edit | edit source]

Mushroom Stew[edit | edit source]

Your army with perform better in battle

This wholesome fungi broth gives a boost to morale, movement and army-wide regeneration in battle.

  • 1500 money, 25% physical resistance for 10 turns


Your encounter on the high seas is not one the crew or troops will readily talk about, yet they have gained regenerative abilities since the event...

  • Uncommon item
  • * Curse of Cannibalism

Shiny Boots & Fresh Recruits[edit | edit source]

Your army will perform better in campaign

  • 1500 money, +25% campaign movement 10 turns


During your dalliances on the high seas you came across stranded crew, willing to join you in exchange for food and rescue.

  • Random magic item
  • Press-Ganged
    • Duration: 10 turns
    • Casualty replenishment rate +15%