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See military alliance and defensive alliance.

Factions with closely aligned goals may choose to form an alliance through diplomacy. Allied factions commit at least to defending one another from foreign attack (defensive alliance), and may optionally go to war together (military alliance). Significant diplomatic standing (positive attitude) must be built up between two factions before an alliance proposal is likely to succeed.

Diplomatic standing between factions may be improved by agreeing and sticking to non-aggression pacts and trade agreements, or via diplomatic gifts.

An alliance is automatically broken by one party declining to join a conflict they would otherwise be compelled to enter. It is also possible to be in alliances with multiple competing factions, which may lead to a situation where you have to choose sides and break one alliance in favor of another.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • While alliances can be helpful, enter any kind of alliance with care - and usually it's better to decline if you have any sort of reservations. Inspect the allied faction's surroundings, enemies, and relations, otherwise you will be likely dragged into a war you don't want and don't intend to prosecute, taking a hit to your diplomatic reputation when you decline to assist.