Amber Amulet

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Amber Amulet
Wh main anc talisman.png
TypeUnknown, probably a Talisman
RarityIcon rarity legendary small.png Legendary
RaceDark Elves

Amber Amulet is an talisman item added in Total War: Warhammer II. It is a legendary item for Morathi.

It is a hidden legendary item. It seems to be present in the game files, but unobtainable in either campaign or multiplayer/custom battles.


This enchanted talisman is carved from the heart of the largest black tree in the Petrified Forest.


Total War: Warhammer II[edit]

  • Winds of Magic power reserve +5
  • Ward save +20%
  • Enemy hero action success chance -10%
  • Casualty replenishment rate +5% (lord's army)
  • Wound recovery time -3
  • Passive ability: Regeneration