Amber Bow

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Amber Bow
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RarityIcon rarity legendary small.png Legendary
LordMarkus Wulfhart

The Amber Bow is a Legendary item unique to Markus Wulfhart.

The Amber Bow was carved from a Drakwald Oak and enchantments were placed upon it by a powerful Amber Wizard. Its shots are guided by this inherent magic to strike the hearts of the fiercest monsters.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Amber Bow (ability)
  • Type: Magic Missiles
  • Target: Enemy, 250m
  • Causes major magical damage
  • Effective at long range
  • Good from a high angle
  • Good against large combatants
  • Strong vs. a single combatant
  • Two uses per battle
  • Cooldown: 120 Seconds