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An Ungentlemanly Agreement is a Dilemma event for The Empire and The Golden Order. The states in this event are interchangeable, but Ostland and Hochland are used in this example.

You have recently become privy to a huge financial debt that exists between two Imperial states. Elector Count Valmir von Raukov of Ostland had licitly secured a large loan of unaccounted gold secretly withdrawn from the state treasury of Hochland. Though there was a 'gentleman's agreement' to pay the loan back over a reasonable timeline, Hochland has now decided to call in the entire debt without warning or reasoning, demanding it to be paid back in full immediately.

The two states have secretly asked you to help arbitrate this dispute without bringing its attention to the other Electors. What action will you take?


Side with Ostland: +1 Fealty Ostland, -1 Fealty Hochland.

Side with Hochland: +1 Fealty Hochland, -1 Fealty Ostland.