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Brt artois.png
General data
Starting territoryForest of Arden

Artois is a minor Bretonnia faction in Total War: Warhammer. It is the combination of two dukedoms from the tabletop, Artois and Gisoreux.

Artois does not appear in the Season of Revelation campaign, but Gisoreux does.


The forested realm of Artois has notable significance in Bretonnia’s history – it was the location of the first Gathering of the Companions, where the fourteen newly-united Dukedoms were first legitimised. Emblazoned on the Heraldry of Artois is the head of the monstrous boar Morthanok, symbol of Lord Folgar, the first Duke of Artois. A renowned hunter and lancer, Folgar's skills made him an invaluable Companion Knight who fought in several Great Battles alongside Gilles le Breton. Morthanok’s image is a reminder of the inaugural feast of the Companions, for which Folgar hunted down and slew the dangerous beast.

Starting territory[edit]

The Old World / Mortal Empires