Battle of the Ashenhall

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Battle of the Ashenhall
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Legendary LordDurthu
FactionWood Elves
Battle typeClassic
RewardSword of Daith

Battle of the Ashenhall is a set piece battle in Realm of the Wood Elves.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Wood Elves are beset by tribulation! The Undead are swift and nimble; they will be upon Durthu's allies in short order! Whilst they can hold on for now, he must move swiftly to aid them or they will be completely overrun by the Undead menace. The Ashenhall is a craggy, obstacle-laden place, with many natural points of defence - the terrain is advantageous to he who holds it. Durthu must hold the enemy at bay until the Elves can regroup, then together they can smite the eldritch blight from these lands!

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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