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General data
RulerKhazrak the One-Eye
Distinct features
Icon horde.pngHorde:The faction has no settlements. Infrastructure and military improvements are linked to each individual Beastmen horde.
Bullet chs corruption.pngCorruption:Chaos corruption can be spread in enemy territory, leading to public order problems and even Chaos rebellions.
Bullet bst beastpaths.pngBeast Paths:Beastmen armies have access to the Beast Paths stance, allowing them to bypass impassable terrain.
Bestial rage.pngBestial Rage:Each army has a Bestial Rage meter that rises when fighting and raiding. It provides an allied AI army when full and causes attrition when low.
Bullet bst the dark moon.pngThe Dark Moon:A powerful recurring event that provides significant bonuses to Beastmen armies.
Bullet bst units.png Aggressive unit roster with a variety of fast-moving beasts and monsters.

Beastmen are a playable faction in Total War: Warhammer.

Beastmen require the Call of the Beastmen campaign pack DLC to play, but will still appear in the game as an NPC faction otherwise.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Many expendable, weak, low-morale units.
  • Generally low armour values across the board.
  • Many large fear and terror-causing units.
  • Most units have Vanguard deployment, allowing them to begin the game outside of the deployment zones.
  • Spellcaster Bray-Shamans have access to the unique Lore of the Wild as well as the Lore of Death and Lore of Beasts.
  • Horde campaign playstyle, similar to the Warriors of Chaos but lacking the attrition from two nearby hordes.
  • Spread Chaos Corruption.
  • In the campaign, get a special event every time the Chaos moon is full.
  • Each army has a Bestial Rage meter which operates similar to the Fightiness/Waaagh! meter of the Greenskins.
  • Has access to Beast Paths, which operate similar to the Underway system used by Greenskins and Dwarfs.
  • Have a superior Ambush stance, which is their default stance.
  • Unique options for razing settlements.

Unit Roster[edit | edit source]

Main article: Beastmen unit roster

Background[edit | edit source]

"Tear down their totems, befoul their colours! Kill the kings and burn the priests! Into the mud with them, break their skulls and eat their hearts!"

Beastmen are a bestial, Chaos-touched race of horned creatures who dwell in the dark forests of the Warhammer World. Most resemble a sickening blend of horned beast and man, though there are many other variations. They range through the secret beast-paths of the woods, ambushing the unwary or the isolated. Most victims of the Beastmen are killed, but those who are not suffer a far worse fate...

Beastmen first arose in the ancient past when the polar warpgates collapsed and the raw magic of Chaos first spewed into the world. It was in that time of mutation and madness when the energies of Chaos touched the world, that man became animal and animal became man. Even still, the beastmen will replenish their numbers by capturing human women, or adopting mutant babies abandoned by parents in the forest.

The Beastmen have an ancestral memory of the Time of the Beast, when primitive tribes of humans were prey and Beastmen ruled supreme. Now they look upon the walled cities of men with rage, and seek to tear down every stone, defile every shrine, and return to the true primeval chaos of the wild.

The true children of Chaos, Beastmen belong body and soul to the dark powers from their very birth. The Dark Gods have no need to woo Beastmen with divine gifts and offers of immortality, for the Beastmen instinctively serve Chaos with their bestial, violent nature.

Beastmen herds are made up of a collection of creatures, from man-sized Ungors and Gors, to troll-sized Minotaurs and monstrous Razorgors and Cygors. In Beastmen society, status is determined by size, strength and the size of one's horns. So it is that the more bestial Gors rule over the smaller, human-like Ungors. The spellcasting Bray-Shamans perform a mystic role, reading signs and omens, communing with the gods and performing black rituals and sacrifices at herdstones and other sacred sites.

Every so often, a powerful Beastlord will unite the herds, drawing them to a sacred Herdstone under the dark moon Morrslieb, and uniting them into a mighty warherd to ravage the lands of men, or even the hallowed boughs of the Wood Elves.

Lord Choices[edit | edit source]

Khazrak the One-Eye[edit | edit source]

  • Start Position
    • Wh dlc03 bst beastmen.png
  • Additional Starting Units
  • Lord Effects
    • Morale.png Leadership: +5 when fighting against humans (all forces)
    • Income.png Income from raiding: +10%
    • Charge.png Charge bonus: +10 for Bestigor Herd units (all forces)

Malagor the Dark Omen[edit | edit source]

Morghur the Shadowgave[edit | edit source]

Victory Conditions[edit | edit source]

Short Campaign[edit | edit source]

Long Campaign[edit | edit source]