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The Beastmen tech tree consists of technologies that unlock new advantages throughout the game. Research takes place constantly, but the rate at which discoveries occur can be increased by using heroes to spy or building additional research buildings at your settlements.

Tech tree[edit | edit source]

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Technologies[edit | edit source]

Tech Prerequisite Cost Effects Description
Tech dlc03 bst chaos.png The Embrace of Chaos
We are Children of Chaos; we embrace our pedigree!
  • Chaos corruption: +1

Tech dlc03 bst chaos 1.png Twisted Visions
When a Beastman is visited by twisted visions, it knows its Ruinous Masters have delivered a message, a clue, or a boon…
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Enemy siege holdout time: -2
Although Bray-Shamans receive more disturbing dreams and visions than other Gors, the Gods choose other conduits as needed to project their Ruinous will upon their minions. Such visions may be hard to interpret but other episodes are easier to understand and act upon.
Tech dlc03 bst chaos 2.png Beastly Stupor
Beastmen are not ‘quiet’ revellers; it doesn’t take much to amplify their natural aggression and rage.
  • Melee attack: +10 for Icon general.pngLords and embedded Icon hero.pngHeroes
  • Melee defence: +10 for Icon general.pngLords and embedded Icon hero.pngHeroes
  • Research rate: -5%

It is always a bit of mystery from where some Beastmen, most notably, Centigors, get their grog or acidic wine. Mostly, it is stolen from more advanced races, but there are rumours of herds stumbling across fermenting fruit and honey and even given rudimentary instructions on how to turn such bounty into liquor by the Bray-Shamans. In any case, Beastmen are full of rage and violence.
Tech dlc03 bst chaos 3.png Encircled Prey
Beastmen excel at ambushing - wiser Gors know all the beast-paths and so can surround their prey more quickly.
  • Speed: +10% for all units
  • Research rate: -5%

Beastmen are expert ambushers, using the undergrowth and the secret beast-paths to their advantage, encircling their foes before striking against the enemy from several different directions. The more experienced a warherd becomes the better they ambush, being able to surround their opponents with impressive speed.
Tech dlc03 bst chaos 4.png Heart of the Dark
The hearts of Beastmen are blackened with evil, but only those with the darkest of souls rise to prominence.
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Leadership: +10 for Icon general.pngLords and embedded Icon hero.pngHeroes

Whether a true-born Gor, or one of the mongrel things that was once a man, a Beastman's heart is wholly owned by Chaos. Yet there are those beasts whose soul is blacker than most; they are the chieftains, Beastlords and other agents of the Dark Powers with the wherewithal or physical might to emerge dominant over the herds.
Tech dlc03 bst chaos 5.png Fell Rituals
The most forbidden rituals are enacted by a willing Bray-Shaman, whose soul is forfeit should the fickle Gods decree it.
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Casualty replenishment rate: +10%

There is a reason that the darkest, most fell of rituals are rarely spoken. To utter such things is to risk more than your life - your very soul could be consumed by Daemons as a tasty morsel for the servants of the Chaos Gods if they believe the utterer not worthy enough. Yet a Bray-Shaman who speaks the dark tongue and pleases his masters may see his tribe greatly rewarded.
Tech dlc03 bst gods.png Blessings of the Dark Gods
Such wondrous blessings from our glorious masters.
  • Chaos corruption: +1

Tech dlc03 bst gods 1.png Messenger of the Bray
An agent of the Chaos Gods, acting in their stead, will be granted favour… until they fail.
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Hero action cost: -20%

The Chaos Gods always have need of willing agents - mortal, horned or otherwise. Should these agents prove useful, then they will be rewarded by the granting of boons and favour. However, to be under the scrutiny of such Dark Powers is often a double-edged blade, for the Gods do not tolerate failure.
Tech dlc03 bst gods 2.png True-Horn
Gors of purest, spiteful intent. It is no wonder they share a bond with the lesser beasts.
  • Unit experience: +1 for Centigor unit recruits
  • Research rate: -5%
The Bray-Shamans claim that only true-horns can tame a Razorgor - the fierce porcine beasts of rage and burden - for they share a common link. Both are savage and when their eyes meet there is a common bond and hatred of everything that is not of the wild.
Tech dlc03 bst gods 3.png Bountiful Herdstone
Most bountiful is the herdstone inscribed with the most fell of runes and doused in hated enemy blood.
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Income from razing settlements: +10%

Beastmen put great stock in their herdstones, for they are physical monuments to their malefic, Chaotic masters. A herdstone inscribed in runes from the dark tongue and washed in blood from a warherd's most hated of enemies will provide a greater bounty than lesser herdstones.
Tech dlc03 bst gods 4.png Man-Cleavers
Larger blades require stronger arms, for those wielding such massive weapons can literally cleave man-filth in twain.
  • Melee attack: +15 for Ungor and Gor units
  • Research rate: -5%

Large blades, scavenged from battlefields or stolen from the armouries of man, Dwarf and even Orc, are ideal for larger Gors and Minotaurs. These weapons are prized by the bulkier Beastmen, as a strike from one endowed with bestial muscles is often enough to slice right through the waist of an armoured man.
Tech dlc03 bst gods 5.png The Rewards of Ruin
Should the warherds please their Dark Masters they are blessed with a dark fortitude.
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Attrition: -10% casualties suffered from all attrition
The rewards of Ruin are hate, rage, fury, and a vile vigour that keeps the Gors fighting fit; it is said to be a "dark blessing". The Chaos Gods demand their servants be of rude health, so that they may despoil and destroy in their twisted, Ruinous name.
Tech dlc03 bst hate.png The Seed of Hate
Plant the seed and watch corruption blossom.
  • Chaos corruption: +1
Tech dlc03 bst hate 1.png Hives of Pestilence
The Gors gather hives of pestilent corruption, fostered by the Beastlords as recruiting grounds for their herds.
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Horde growth: +3

The more Gors and true-horns fight for their place by the side of the Beastlord, the larger the warherds become. The strongest and meanest of these recruits are selected for the Bestigor herds, but for Gors that don't make the cut there remains plenty of opportunity to sow destruction and then - maybe - impress their chieftain in the battles to come.
Tech dlc03 bst hate 2.png Fresh Blood-Grounds
Blood-grounds are where the Beastmen range, hunting and slaughtering. New grounds mean fresh prey to sate their hunger.
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Income from raiding: +15%

Beastmen are oft creatures of habit, ranging territory familiar to them. However, when the opportunity to hunt fresh blood-grounds comes (perhaps the Bray-Shamans have negotiated with rival tribes or a previous threat has been neutralised) then the Gors will rejoice, for there is no greater joy than hunting in strange lands with fresh scents, new lairs, and greater prey!
Tech dlc03 bst hate 3.png The Path to War
On war's path tread the slaves to darkness; the lost, the damned, and the behorned.
  • Recruitment cost: -33%
It is on the path to war that the brayherds must travel. If a Beastlord is to rise in power and stature, then he must make battle with man and fellow Gor, Greenskin and rat-filth, beardling and fey tree-clinger alike. All must fall before the blades and horns of Chaos' Children - all must die by the Beastmen's bray!
Tech dlc03 bst morslieh.png Sacrifice to Morrslieb
Slay the unwilling during blackest night in view of the Dark Moon.
  • Chaos corruption: +1
Tech dlc03 bst morslieh 1.png Gore-Drunk
The knowledge that Gors and Minotaurs may wallow in filth and enemy blood will draw many more from afar.
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Horde recruitment capacity: +1

If the Beastlord follows the tenets of Slaa - as the Dark Prince is oft-known among the Beastmen - then he will allow his Gors to rut and mewl and wallow in their own fifth, as well as bathe in and consume enemy blood. This leads many Beastmen into a state of euphoria; to become 'gore-drunk'. A generous Beastlord who grants his Gors such a boon will gather many followers.
Tech dlc03 bst morslieh 2.png Defiled Honour
Who cares for man-filth honour? Slaying and blood is all the Gods want, even if that is achieved from afar!
  • Missile damage: +10% for all units
  • Research rate: -5%

Beastmen prefer close combat. This comes from no place of honour, it is simply what bestial folk do best. Only for results do their raging Gods care, and if this can be achieved by slaying up close - or from a greater distance - then so be it!
Tech dlc03 bst morslieh 3.png Ancient Beast-Paths
Lost ruts - long-forgotten ways once trod by hoof - have been revealed; the Bray-Shamans urge their use.
  • Research rate: -5%

The Beastmen have been traversing the deep forests for countless generations. And so the beast-paths have formed, deep ruts hidden in the undergrowth that even the huntsmen of the Empire would struggle to discover. Some beast-paths fall out of use, lost for generations, only to be discovered again by Ungor trackers many years later. These ancient ways are seen as a boon by the Bray-Shamans, their use encouraged to prevent such routes falling into ignorance once again.
Tech dlc03 bst morslieh 4.png The Kalkengard Larder
Pity the poor defenders of Kalkengard, hung from its trees and ruined, rocky spires as meat for hungry Minotaurs.
  • Weapon strength: +20% for Minotaur units
  • Research rate: -5%
Ragush of the Bloody Horn was a monstrous Doombull that put the poor town of Kalkengard to the torch. Its defenders were rounded up and the choicest mortals eaten, but those left alive after the Minotaurs and Gors had feasted faced a far more horrible fate. They were hung from the burnt ruins, rocky spires, and trees in the area. Whenever the herds of Ragush hungered, they would return to the larder to feed. It is a brutish concept that other warherds have doubtless copied.
Tech dlc03 bst morslieh 5.png The Days of Wrath
On such dire days - on the eve of the End Times - all the Cloven Ones are empowered.
  • Unit experience: +1 for Bestigor unit recruits
  • Research rate: -5%
In the north, the Everchosen makes his plans, but the Cloven Ones have much say in the Old World's fate also. Such dark times - such days of wrath - will be a chance for all Beastmen to be touched by Chaos - to feel the Dark Powers' strength ooze into their twisted souls.
Tech dlc03 bst powers.png Worship of the Ruinous Powers
Praise the power of Chaos, and revel in its bounties.
  • Chaos corruption: +1
Tech dlc03 bst powers 1.png Grisly Trophies
Beastmen have a penchant for grim fetishes, especially those gathered from mannish foes.
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Leadership: +5 when fighting against Men

Gors will drape themselves in gory tokens and grisly trophies to mark their triumphs. Although the Beastmen have many foes, they take particular delight in despoiling the artefacts and corpses of mankind, for that is a literal sign of their ultimate goal: to end civilisation. To wear such vile icons about its disgusting person empowers the wearer and commands respect.
Tech dlc03 bst powers 2.png Vitriolic Temperament
Quick to temper and impossible to tame, such fierceness should be fostered if it cannot be controlled.
  • Unit experience: +1 for Gor unit recruits
  • Unit experience: +1 for Ungor unit recruits
  • Research rate: -5%

All Beastmen are fell-tempered beasts, but some are quicker to rage than others; considered to be touched by the Granter of Savage Hate and known as 'Khorngors' by some. A wise Beastlord will bind such creatures together in herds and send them forth into the thick of the fighting.
Tech dlc03 bst powers 3.png The Endless Hunt
The hunt is eternal; it never began, it shall never end. It always was.
  • Research rate: -5%
  • Casualty replenishment rate: +3%
The Beastmen have always hunted the blood-grounds for quarry. Nowadays, things are no different, but should whispers of a brayherd spread then the herds will come in force and Gors from far-afield tribes join, for their is much glory in raiding and murdering in the name of the Dark Gods.
Tech dlc03 bst powers 4.png Gaze of the Dark Gods
All servants of the Ruinous Powers - horned or no - crave the gaze of the Dark Gods.
  • Income from raiding: +20%
  • Income from razing settlements: +10%

While the Dark Gods may favour those mortals who willingly give their souls to Chaos, Beastmen are the true Children of Chaos. They are born or created to be part of Chaos, intrinsically so, rather than persuaded, tempted, or seduced. And so, when the gaze of the Ruinous Powers falls upon the Beastmen, it is as a parent looking upon their quarrelsome children.