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A Black Ark (left) alonside two Dark Elves armies embarked in ships.
Not to be confused with Black Ark (building).

Bullet def black arks.pngBlack Arks are huge floating fortresses available to the Dark Elves in campaign.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Black Arks can only be recruited at a port settlement after performing the Sacrifice to Mathlann rite. Each time the rite is performed, 1 Black Ark becomes available.

Black Arks work similar to hordes, in that they can construct buildings like a settlement, but can also recruit units and move around the map, like an army. They can also exchange units with any army which has embarked upon the water. Obviously though, Black Arks are restricted to the ocean/waterways. Black Arks have their own Black Ark growth which buildings require to upgrade.

Black Arks can attack and be attacked by embarked armies, which causes an autoresolve battle.

Unlike hordes, Black Arks do not have to enter encamped stance to recruit units.

Like armies and hordes, Black Arks can treasure hunt in the ocean.

Unlike armies, Black Arks cannot colonize a ruined coastal/port settlement.

Stances[edit | edit source]


Army Abilities[edit | edit source]

Black Ark unit thumbnail.

Black Arks also confer several army abilities on nearby armies fighting battles on land.

Black Ark Buildings[edit | edit source]

Main Black Ark buildings[edit | edit source]

Unit recruitment[edit | edit source]

Defense[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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