Blasphemous Bulwark

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Blasphemous Bulwark
Vampire walls.png
FactionVampire Counts
CategoryVampire Counts defense building
Icon income.png
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Build time:
Bonus effectsEnemy Hero action success chance: -20%
Leadership bonus when under siege: +6
Siege holdout time: +3
Fires corpse balls

Blasphemous Bulwark is a Vampire Counts defense building in Total War: Warhammer. Larger walls form mighty bulwarks that can be infused with Dark Magic to keep out and curse the enemy.

Background[edit | edit source]

The great curtain walls of Sylvania's Castles are massive bulwarks of stone, compacted bone and cursed relics, topped by leering gargoyles. They make any potential siege a formidable prospect, especially when such walls are guarded by observers that never tire, and will always stand ready to repulse any foolish mortal invaders.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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