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Blood Kiss is a unique resource to the Vampire Counts race. Awaken ancient and powerful Vampire Bloodlines and consume Blood Kisses which are acquired by killing faction leaders in battle, by assassination, or by vassalising factions.

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This resource is meant to reflect the vampires of your faction converting an enemy character into a vampire or infiltrating the notables in their faction.

The Von Carsteins subfaction and Mannfred von Carstein both start with a single Blood Kiss.

Uses[edit | edit source]

The resource is used to awaken one of the five types of Bloodline Vampire Lords and unlock the buffs their bloodline grants. Each bloodline has three tiers, unlocking a lord at each and providing progressively better buffs as you go along. The cost of Blood Kisses per tier also increases from 3-6-9.

Lahmian: Master Infiltrator[edit | edit source]

Lahmian Gifts

Tier 1: -50% upkeep for heroes (all characters)

Tier 2: Vigour loss reduction medium (all armies)

Tier 3: Campaign line of sight +150% (all characters)

Von Carstein: Puppet Master[edit | edit source]

Von Carstein Gifts

Tier 1: Casualty replenishment rate +20% (all armies), gain access to Sylvanian Crossbowmen

Tier 2: +5 Public order

Tier 3: Gain access to Sylvanian Handgunners

Blood Dragon: Military Commander[edit | edit source]

Blood Dragon Gifts

Tier 1: Weapon strength +10% for cavalry units (all armies)

Tier 2: Unit experience +100 for all units (all armies)

Tier 3: Immune to Untainted attrition

Necrarch: Supreme Wizard[edit | edit source]

Necrarch Gifts

Tier 1: Research rate +25%

Tier 2: Winds of magic starting amount: +20 (all armies)

TIer 3: Upkeep -10% for all units (all armies)

Strigoi: Bestial Juggernaut[edit | edit source]

Strigoi Gifts

Tier 1: +20% Ambush success chance

Tier 2: Vampiric corruption +5 (all provinces)

Tier 3: Public order -60% penalty due to lack of corruption