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The Books of Nagash are a gameplay mechanic for Tomb Kings factions in the campaign mode of Total War: Warhammer II.

In Warhammer Fantasy lore, Nagash was a powerful necromancer who brought about the downfall of the Tomb Kings' human civilization - he kept his vast knowledge of dark magic in 9 books.

Four new Rogue Armies are spawned at the beginning of the game if you are playing as any of the Tomb Kings, with each of them possessing a Book of Nagash. They are extremely powerful, but fortunately do not start out at war with you. They are the Black Creek Raiders, the Dwellers of Zardok, the Eyes of the Jungle, and the Pilgrims of Myrmidia. You only have to defeat them in a battle to obtain the book, you do not have to completely destroy them.

Four other books are assigned to specific settlements, and you must personally occupy that settlement to obtain the book (allied factions occupying it do not count).

The final book is always held by the Followers of Nagash, so they only need to collect four more books instead of five like the other factions. This book cannot ever be obtained by other factions, and always confers the bonus of being able to use Vampire Count units.

Each book gives a different bonus, and which location or Rogue Army has them is randomized each new campaign. Once you obtain a book, you cannot lose it. The status, bonuses, and location of all books can be checked by clicking the book icon at the top of the screen.

In Eye of the Vortex[edit | edit source]

In Eye of the Vortex, instead of competing with Rituals to win, the Tomb Kings are required to collect books, which allows them to control the Black Pyramid of Nagash and win the campaign. 5 books out of 9 must be collected to win. Tomb Kings cannot lose the Eye of the Vortex campaign through another race gaining control of the Vortex.

In other campaigns[edit | edit source]

In other campaigns, the books are not required to win, but can still be collected to gain bonuses.

List of book locations and challenges[edit | edit source]

First Book of Nagash
Book nagash 1.png
  • Hero capacity +1 for all Heroes
  • Hero action cost -50%
  • Hero action success chance +10%
Second Book of Nagash
Book nagash 2.png
Third Book of Nagash
Book nagash 3.png
  • Regions will be hit by a Sandstorm after sacking or occupying settlements
  • Immune to Sandstorm attrition
  • Casualty Replenishment rate +15% after sacking or occupying settlements
Fourth Book of Nagash
Book nagash 4.png
  • Canopic Jars generated: 250
  • Lord recruit rank +3
  • Wound recovery time -1 (all characters)
Fifth Book of Nagash
Book nagash 5.png
Sixth Book of Nagash
Book of nagash 6.png
Seventh Book of Nagash
Book nagash 7.png
  • Canopic jars generated: 10 per turn
  • Research rate +10%
Eighth Book of Nagash
Book nagash 8.png
  • Effectiveness of all commandments +50%
Ninth Book of Nagash
Book nagash 9.png This book is always held by Arkhan the Black who leads the Followers of Nagash faction. If players start a campaign as Followers of Nagash then they will start with this book, and only have to get 4 more to win. It allows Arkhan the black to recruit certain vampire counts units:Crypt Ghouls, Dire Wolves, and Hexwraiths)