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Full list of ability changes for the Bretonnia update.

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Pasted patch notes below:

Notes[edit | edit source]

Abilities Balancing TL:DR[edit | edit source]

Armour effect values for spells and abilities changed from 15/30 to 30/60. Also increased duration for these abilities. Pass on ability costs, durations and recharge times. Spell power costs tweaked to better match strength. 45m radius reduced to 40m radius, 60m radius reduced to 55m radius. Slightly increased likelihood of magic missiles hitting their target. Reduced movement speed for upgraded vortex spells with extended duration by 25%. Balancing pass on passives to better match strength with cost. Lore of the Wild and Lore of Beasts recharge times made consistent with other lores of magic. Fixed consistency issues with initial recharge not always being applied for abilities without a recharge condition.

Da Big Waaagh!:[edit | edit source]

Gaze of Mork: Slight increase in projectile size, explosion damage. Reduced cost from 7 to 5. Upgraded cost from 13 to 7. Brain Bursta: Reduced cost from 8 to 7. Upgraded cost from 12 to 10. ‘Eadbutt: cost reduced from 11 to 10, Upgraded from 21 to 19. ‘Ere We Go: cost increased from 10 to 11.

Da Lil’ Waaagh!:[edit | edit source]

Sneaky Stabbin’: changed to single target, cost reduced from 5 to 4. Vindictive Glare: Slight increase in projectile size, reduced cost from 9 to 6. Upgraded cost reduced from 13 to 11. Gork’ll Fix It: Reduced duration from 38 to 21. Decreased cost from 8 to 7. Night Shroud: Increased Visibility Range debuff from -92% to -96%. Increased range to 75m and 110m for upgraded. Curse of Da Bad Moon: decreased cost from 16 to 14, Upgraded cost reduced from 25 to 21. Movement speed for upgraded version reduced by 25%.

Lore of Light:[edit | edit source]

Pha’s Protection: Armour increased to +30, duration increased from 17 to 24. Upgraded cost increased from 8 to 10. Shem’s Burning Gaze: small increase in projectile size, reduced cost from 7 to 6, upgraded cost from 13 to 11. Light of Battle: both versions changed to single target, cost reduced from 9 to 7 for regular and 14 to 12 for upgraded. Birona’s Timewarp Upgraded: reduced cost from 21 to 17. Banishment Upgraded: reduced cost from 22 to 20.

Lore of Heavens:[edit | edit source]

Harmonic Convergence Upgraded: Armour remained at 30 (meaning the relative power to other armour effects was reduced). Curse of the Midnight Wind: Armour increased from -15 to -30. Cost increased from 9 to 11, Upgraded from 13 to 17. Comet of Casandora & Upgraded: slight increase in ap explosion damage.

Lore of Fire:[edit | edit source]

Cascading Fire Cloak: Reduced ap damage to +18%, reduced duration from 19 to 16, reduced cost from 5 to 4. Fireball: Reduced cost from 8 to 6, Upgraded cost reduced from 12 to 10. Burning Head Upgraded: reduced vortex movement speed by 25%. Flame Storm: Slight tweak in detonation force to allow the vortex to deal damage reliably to light entities. Upgraded additionally has a movement speed reduction of 25% and a cost reduction from 26 to 20.

Lore of Death:[edit | edit source]

Aspect of the Dreadknight: duration decreased from 17 to 14. Upgraded duration from 31 to 28. Increased cost of upgraded from 6 to 9. Doom & Darkness: Reduced cost from 9 to 7. Soulblight & Upgraded: Removed missile damage and leadership debuffs. Armour increased from -15 to -30. Duration from 16 to 20. Upgraded duration from 32 to 40. Cost increased from 8 to 9. Upgraded cost from 13 to 15. Fate of Bjuna will now peak against units with more than 36 entities rather than 60 (dealing around 2.7k damage on large). Increased cost to 16. Purple Sun of Xereus Upgraded: reduced movement speed of vortex by 25%.

Strigoi:[edit | edit source]

Increased cost of Command of the Unliving Upgraded from 12 to 18.

Lore of Vampires:[edit | edit source]

Increased cost for Raise Dead from 2 to 3. Increased cost of Raise Dead upgraded to 4. Added a 5 second cooldown. Doubled power of Curse of Undeath from 4 health per second per unit to 8 health per second per unit. Reduced cost of Vanhel’s Danse Macabre from 5 to 4. Gaze of Nagash cost reduced from 9 to 8.

Lore of Metal:[edit | edit source]

Plague of Rust: Increased -15 armour to -30 armour and -30 to -60 armour for upgraded. Duration increased from 27 to 44. Costs reduced from 5 to 4 and 7 to 6 respectively. Searing Doom: Reduced cost from 6 to 5 for regular and from 9 to 8 for upgraded. Glittering Robe: Increased armour from +15 to +30. Duration from 31 to 40. Cost reduced from 8 to 7, Upgraded cost increased from 12 to 14. Gehenna’s Golden Hounds: reduced detonation force to increase reliability against light entities. Upgraded also had a 25% reduction in vortex movement speed. Final Transmutation: Reduced cost from 16 to 14, Upgraded reduced from 26 to 22.

Lore of Shadows:[edit | edit source]

Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma: Reduced range from 200m to 100m and changed Upgraded to a cast range increase. Upgraded cost reduced from 10 to 8. Enfeebling Foe: Reduced cost from 10 to 6. Upgraded cost from 13 to 10. The Withering: Armour increased from -15 to -30. Duration increased from 31 to 40. Cost reduced from 13 to 7. Upgraded cost reduced from 16 to 14. Okkam’s Mindrazor: Changed +44% ap damage to +36% ap damage. Duration reduced from 32 to 27. Cost reduced from 18 to 10. Upgraded cost changed from 21 to 20.

Lore of the Wild:[edit | edit source]

Made cooldown times consistent with other lores of magic. Viletide: cost changed from 6 to 5, Upgraded from 10 to 8. Tweaked its explosion force to make damage more reliable against light entities. Bray-Scream: cost changed from 7 to 6, Upgraded from 11 to 9. Devolve: Damage now peaks against 45 men or more. Damage increased by 50%. Traitor-Kin: Cost reduced from 11 to 9. Upgraded from 17 to 16 cost. Mantle of Ghorok: Replaced direct damage to self with -30 armour. Duration reduced from 55 to 34. Cost changed from 12 to 11.

Lore of Beasts:[edit | edit source]

Changed Flock of Doom damage curve to reach max efficiency against targets with 120 men while significantly reducing damage for lower entity count units. Increased cost of Flock of Doom upgraded to 12. Increased duration of Wyssan’s Wildform from 14 to 18, increased armour to +30, decreased cost to 4. Reduced costs of the Amber Spear from 10 to 8, reduced costs of Upgraded from 14 to 12. Pann’s Impenetrable Pelt changed from Ward Save to Physical Resistance. Reduced cost of regular from 8 to 7, increased cost of upgraded from 13 to 14.

Lore of Life:[edit | edit source]

Reduced power of Life Bloom by 60% from 200 health healed per unit to 80 health. Earth Blood: cost increased from 8 to 9. Upgraded cost increased from 12 to 15. Flesh to Stone: Armour increased from +45 to +60. Duration increased from 27 to 44 seconds. Cost reduced from 8 to 7. Removed upgraded version. Dweller’s Below: Cost reduced from 18 to 17.

Other active abilities:[edit | edit source]

Reduced range of Rune of Wrath and Ruin from 75m to 50m. Added max 3 uses to Arrow of Kurnous and increased range to 600m. Reduced range of Maternal Instinct to 60, increased cooldown to 45. Increased duration of Scourge to 43, added +34 attack to effects. Axe of Dargo +22% melee damage changed to +16 bonus vs. large. Mace of Helsturm, removed +16% Splash attack power from added flaming attacks, duration changed to 29. Hellfire Sword, added flaming attacks, reduced duration from 44 to 33. Silver Horn of Vengeance, changed effect from +18% to +36%, reduced duration from 44 to 22. Sword of Couronne changed to Unique, cost 240. Tweaked effect range to 30m. Removed recharge in melee condition. Increased armour debuff from -15 to -30. Horn of the First Beast, changed radius from 45m to 55m. Removed +melee damage from Gitsnik, Ghal Maraz, increased duration to 35. Removed +melee damage from Starcrusher, removed splash attack power, increased ap damage to +36%. Staff of Volans power recharge and power reserve effect increased. Duration decreased from 60 to 24. Liber Noctus power recharge and power reserve effect increased. Duration increased from 10 to 27, cooldown increased from 45 to 135. Prey of Anath Raema: duration changed from 31 to 22. El Syf: duration changed from 38 to 24. Slayer of Kings: Changed from +22% weapon damage, +18% ap weapon damage to +44% weapon damage, +36% ap weapon damage. Duration changed from 35 to 28. Reikland Runefang: Changed duration from 21 to 29 seconds. Rune of Oath & Steel: Armour increased from +15 to +30. Duration increased from 15 to 25. Master Rune of Oath & Steel: Armour increased from +30 to +60. Duration increased from 15 to 25. Master Rune of Wrath and Ruin: reduced damage with duration decrease from 27 to 20. Ballistics Calibration: Duration increased from 40 to 57. Entrenchment: Duration increased from 47 to 50. Cloak of Mists and Shadows: Replaced Fire & Magic Resistance with +80% physical resistance. Duration decreased from 43 to 22. Smoke Bomb: cost increased, duration increased from 16 to 28. Grombrindal Has No Fear: duration decreased from 33 to 31. Rune Axe of Grombrindal: Duration reduced from 52 to 35. Revenge Incarnate: Duration reduced from 43 to 40. Spite of Da Bad Moon: Duration reduced from 17 to 13. Tricksy Traps: Duration reduced from 29 to 14. Stave of Ruinous Corruption: Added recharge in melee condition. Hounds of Orion: Tweaked vortex detonation force to improve consistency of damage against lighter entities.

Passives:[edit | edit source]

Frenzy, Primal Fury, Lady’s Blessing, Regeneration, Vigour Mortis, Unholy Lodestone, Balefire, Bloodroar, Swarm of Flies turned into free innate abilities and costs built into MP unit price. Get On Wiv’ It effect increased from +4% to +8% charge bonus. Deathblow removed splash attack power, replaced with melee damage +12% melee damage. Lady’s Blessing changed to a self buff with +20% physical resistance and 1 use, deactivating when routed. Lady’s Champion changed to 1 use, deactivate when routing. Fixed cost for Rune Helm of Zhufbar from 80 to 238. Fixed cost of Something Wicked Comes This Wham from 38 to 80. Dark Benediction range changed to 30m. Swarm of Flies range changed to 30m. Removed imbue poison from Opportunistic Murder. Master Rune of Stromni Redbeard range changed to 40m, cost changed to match tier. Icon of Vilification base damage bonus changed from +8% to +12% base damage. Reduced fatigue restore value of Old Grumblers from 30% to 18%. Squiggly Beast: removed active when casting flag. Tweaked Changed Black Coach abilities into passives that will activate after 45, 90 and 135 seconds in melee, allowing them to stack. Tweaked values to balance their new cumulative effect. Guardians of the Wildwood: Replaced +4 leadership with +8 bonus vs. large. Auric Armour: increased regeneration to 8 health per second to match other legendary regen items. Crown of Domination: Added Immune to Psychology. Crush the Weak: -12 attack, -13 defense changed to -8 attack, -9 defense. The Great Book of Grudges: Increased +8 attack to +12 attack. High King: Increased cost from 81 to 156. Beloved Son of Bretonnia: Increased cost from 81 to 156. Slaughterer’s Call: increased tier from uncommon to rare, cost from 161 to 239. Soul-Eater: changed radius from 60m to map-wide. Reduced Miscast change debuff from +50% to +25%.

MP Ability Attachments:[edit | edit source]

Added Dark Mail to Khazrak. Added Filth Mace to Chaos Lords. Added Hellfire Sword to Exalted Hero. Removed Potions of Foolhardiness from Undead. Gave Potions to Beastlords and Dwarf Lords. Added Potions of Strength and Speed to Vampire Lords, Strigoi Ghoul Kings. Gave Sarthorael the Everwatcher Stand Or Die! Added Skull Wand of Kaloth to Orc Shaman.