Broken Nose

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Broken Nose
Wh main grn broken nose 256.png
General data
TypeMinor faction
CampaignsThe Old World
Mortal Empires
Starting territoryThe Vaults (in control of Zarakzil and Karak Bhufdar)

Broken Nose is a minor Greenskins faction added in Total War: Warhammer.

They provide an early threat for Clan Angrund and a potential ally for the Pirates of Sartosa and Clan Skryre.

Starting territory[edit | edit source]

Mortal Empires:
  • The Vaults (in control of Zarakzil and Karak Bhufdar)

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Starting agreements[edit | edit source]

Mortal Empires:

Diplomatic traits[edit | edit source]

The Old World:

  • Aggressive
  • Vampiric Influence

Mortal Empires:

  • Aggressive
  • Underdog
  • Unreliable