Cathedral of the Lady

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Cathedral of the Lady
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CategoryBretonnia religious building
Icon income.png
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Build time:
Bonus effectsEnables hero recruitment: wizard_bretonnia
Increases Damsel capacity
Reduction in Icon corruption vmp.pngVampiric and Icon corruption chs.pngChaos corruption: -12

Cathedral of the Lady is a Bretonnia religious building in Total War: Warhammer. The largest shrines can be found in major cities, yet the pious say the Lady is absent from such self-acclaimed edifices.

Background[edit | edit source]

Over the years, Kings and Lords, to show their devotion, have built grand cathedrals to venerate the Lady. However, her most pious followers believe these structures to be little more than vanity projects that shun the Lady's teachings and that she is more likely to be found in a humble grove than an opulent temple. Yet there are those that beg to differ, those who think grand statements imbue the Lady with power and enable her relics to be kept safe from despoilers.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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