Lore of Heavens

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Lore Attribute[edit | edit source]

Roiling Skies[edit | edit source]

Wh main lore passive roiling skies.png Spells from the Lore of Heavens manipulate the ethers of the skies, buffering and pummeling winged creatures.

  • The Passive of the Lore, active mapwide on casting another spell.
  • -6 missile parry from shields for flying units for 25 seconds
  • -8 Melee Defense for flying units for 25 seconds

Spells[edit | edit source]

Chain Lightning[edit | edit source]

Wh main spell heavens chain lightning.png Lightning arcs across the battlefield, leaping from foe-to-foe with crackling fury until there are none left within the storm. 15 Winds of Magic cost.

Comet of Casandora[edit | edit source]

Wh main spell heavens comet of casandora.png Reaching to the highest heavens, the Wizard draws a wandering meteorite down upon the battlefield. 12 Winds of Magic cost, 24 when Overcast

Curse of the Midnight Wind[edit | edit source]

Wh main spell heavens curse of the midnight wind.png The Wizard issues a three word curse, hexing the target unit and blighting their ability to attack and defend. 11 Winds of Magic cost, 17 when overcast.

Harmonic Convergence[edit | edit source]

Wh main spell heavens harmonic convergence.png Divining auspicious signs, the caster guides the minds of targets, augmenting them with the foresight needed for victory.

Urannon's Thunderbolt[edit | edit source]

Wh main spell heavens urannons thunderbolt.png The caster calls down a mighty ball of lightning and hurls it - should the foe be struck they will surely be shattered! 8 Winds of Magic cost, 12 when Overcast

Wind Blast[edit | edit source]

Wh main spell heavens wind blast.png The Astromancer seizes the winds of the battlefield, directing them against the foe to batter the targets with unhallowed gales. 7 Winds of Magic cost, 11 when Overcast

Units[edit | edit source]

Empire[edit | edit source]

Bretonnia[edit | edit source]

Kislev[edit | edit source]