Chaotic Fungus

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Chaotic Fungus is a treasure hunt that can occur when searching ruins in Total War: Warhammer II.

While searching the ruins of a site known to have been corrupted by the Dark Powers, your retainers come across a patch of fungus. Some believe that we should harvest the spores, while others warn that they were sent by Slaanesh - a reasonable conclusion to draw when the Chaos Gods are abroad!

Guide[edit | edit source]

Leave them alone[edit | edit source]

The fungi are tempting, but could easily be poisonous, regardless of any corruption that the Dark Prince may have instilled within.

  • Neutral result.

Destroy the patch[edit | edit source]

It's probably best not to take any chances. You flatten the patch, removing the temptation of Chaos from the patch of any and all who pass by.

  • Untainted +3 (all provinces)
  • 5 turns province's debuff : +5 chaos corruption

Inhale the fungus[edit | edit source]

After inhaling the fungus your retainers are full of vitality but a strange glint in their eyes reveals the cost of this newfound strength. Time to enlist some new followers, methinks!

Continue searching[edit | edit source]