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Chupayotl is the island capital of the Culchan Plains province and the starting city of The Blessed Dread

Lore[edit | edit source]

Chupayotl, the Sunken City was a Temple-City of the Lizardmen located southeast of Lustria. Previously it was an inhabited city located on the surface, but today it is sunken and submerged in the deepest of the sea. Chupayotl was an important link in the geomantic network, and thanks to it the Slann of Lustria could communicate with their counterparts in Zlatlan, located in the Southlands, on the other side of the Great Ocean, and vice versa.[1]

In the final moments of the war against Chaos, the city began to sink slowly under the sea, and the Slann of the city spent a long time pondering whether this event was part of the Great Plan of the Old Ones. Chupayotl, it is said, now sits upon the seabed, having come to rest at the bottom of a deep, stygian trench. Perhaps otheres now occupy the Temples, to creep ashore by the moonlight and devour the unwary with mouths filled with row upon row of shark-like teeth. Many and strange tales are still told of sunken Chupayotl.[1]

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