Clan Angrund

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Clan Angrund
Clan Angrund.png
General data
TypePlayable sub-faction
CategoryDwarf Realms
RulerBelegar Ironhammer
Starting territory
Starting territory
Climates (TWW2)
  • Favour Mountain, Wasteland and Savannah
Regional occupation (TWW1)
  • Like the Greenskins, Dwarfs can only capture mountain/wasteland settlements
Distinct features
Bullet icon grudges.pngGrudges:Enemy attacks result in grudge missions which must be avenged.
Icon underway.pngUnderway:Clan Angrund armies can enter the Use Underway stance to travel underground, avoiding danger.
Bullet dwf angrund ancestors.pngAngrund Ancestors:Powerful, ghostly Ancestor Heroes to assist Belegar in reclaiming Karak Eight Peaks.
Icon eight peaks dwf.pngKarak Eight Peaks:In campaign, Clan Angrund take penalties while they do not control Karak Eight Peaks.
Icon forge.pngThe ForgeIn TWW2, Dwarfs can craft items using trade resources and the new Oathgold resource.
Clan Angrund requires The King and the Warlord to play.


Clan Angrund is a playable sub-faction of Dwarfs introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Belegar Ironhammer and can be found south of the Empire and east of Athel Loren.

The Dwarfs are an ancient, proud race of warriors and craftsmen who dwell in great halls deep under the mountains. Easy to offend, they record every grudge in a great tome, written in the blood of kings. Dwarf armies can move through the underway to avoid danger. Most of their units are heavily-armoured infantry, powerful artillery and advanced war machines. Dwarfs have no spellcasters, cavalry or monster units.

Led by Belegar Ironhammer, Clan Angrund seek to reclaim their ancestral home, the great hold of Karak Eight Peaks located in the Eastern Badlands. However, the going will not be easy. The Crooked Moon Greenskins, and the Skaven of Clan Mors also desire the Eight Peaks for themselves. Luckily, Belegar has his ghostly Angrund Ancestors to aid him in his quest.

How they play[edit]

A summary of Clan Angrund gameplay:

  • Karak Eight Peaks: You must reclaim the fabled Dwarf-hold, and will take penalties until you do so.
  • Angrund Ancestors: Clan Angrund uses the regular Dwarfs unit roster, with the addition of ghostly ethereal heroes.
  • Regiments of Renown: These are unique, more-powerful versions of regular Dwarfs units.
  • The Great Book of Grudges: In the campaign, Dwarf players are issued grudge missions to take revenge for enemy attacks. Completing grudges is essential.
  • Underway: Dwarf armies can enter Use Underway stance, allowing them to bypass danger by travelling underground. This mechanic is shared with Greenskins and Skaven.
  • Runes: Dwarfs have special inventory items called runes, which can be attached to units like banners.
  • The Forge: A crafting system where Dwarfs use resources, as well as Oathgold, to craft magical items (added in the Resurgent Update for Total War: Warhammer II)


The Throne of the Eight Peaks is mine, by right!”

For many generations the Dwarfs prospered. But then then Time of Woes came: their underground realm was riven by a chain of devastating earthquakes, followed by sustained attacks by Greenskins and Skaven. Thus the golden age of the Karaz Ankor - the everlasting realm - ended.

Of all the holds to fall to enemies, the greatest was Karak Eight Peaks, known as "Queen of the Silver Depths" or Vala-Azril-Ungol in the Dwarf tongue. Situated in a beautiful valley and the surrounding eight majestic mountains, it is a source of untold mineral wealth. The last King of the Eight Peaks was King Lunn Ironhammer of Clan Angrund, who sealed the treasure vaults before fleeing. On that day, Lunn vowed that he or his descendents would one day reclaim their home.

As ever, the Dwarfs’ reason for existence is to take back what is rightfully theirs and right the many wrongs recorded in The Great Book of Grudges. One such grudge is against that fiendish Night Goblin, Skarsnik, who will dominate Karak Eight Peaks unless challenged. Another is against the vile Skaven warlord Queek Headtaker, who gnaws away at the hold from below.

As you might expect, Belegar Ironhammer – direct descendant of the legendary King Lunn – has taken these slights very personally indeed, and intends to set the record straight once and for all. In fact, so large a stain was the loss of the hold upon the pride of Clan Angrund, that Belegar’s ancient Ancestors refuse to rest until they have done their part to aid him in reclaiming the pivotal fortress for Clan Angrund and wiping out every nasty little green git who dares stand in his way.

A tall order? Not really – Belegar has bolstered his army with a force of Rangers and some extremely serious hardware for smashing and bashing and flying his way to victory. That ought to do it, but if it doesn’t he’ll shave his beard off and join the Slayers! Mark Belegar’s words, o green tide, and mark them well; the Karaz Ankor will return, with Belegar Ironhammer at its vanguard!

In battle[edit]

Clan Angrund's unit roster is identical to the Dwarfs unit roster, with the following exceptions:

Regiments of Renown[edit]

Clan Angrund has all the same Regiments of Renown as regular Dwarfs factions.

In the campaign[edit]

Clan Angrund are playable in The Old World and Mortal Empires campaigns.

Clan Angrund share their buildings, technologies, climate preferences, regional occupation, runes, Use Underway and Grudges with other Dwarfs.

Unique mechanics for Clan Angrund are listed below.

Legendary Lord Choices[edit]

See lord page for details on special abilities, starting units and effects.

Angrund Ancestors[edit]

Bullet dwf angrund ancestors.pngAngrund Ancestors are etheral unique hero units. In the campaign, Belegar starts with them. They are also playable in multiplayer and custom battles.

Karak Eight Peaks[edit]

"Recapturing Karak Eight Peaks will be no easy task, that much is certain. Another certainty is that all those joining this undertaking will require great compensation."

Karak Eight Peaks is a unique settlement which affects Clan Angrund in the campaign.

Karak Eight Peaks (Clan Angrund) Icon eight peaks dwf.png
Status Effect
You do not control Karak Eight Peaks Upkeep +50% for all units.
You control Karak Eight Peaks Standard Upkeep

Start Position[edit]

Wh main dwf karak izor.png

Victory Conditions[edit]

The same as Karaz-a-Karak (see Dwarfs#Victory Conditions), with the following additions for both the short and long campaign victories:


  • Clan Angrund's campaign can be considered to be one of the hardest campaigns overall. That being said, some foresight can go a long way to making that challenge easier. Upon starting a new campaign, take out the two Greenskin groups to the Southwest and East of the start. This will give an extremely safe opening position, as Tilea and Estalia will hold off the Beastmen and Skaven for a time. Continue to build your forces and work your way east to Karak Eight Peaks. In spite of the large disadvantage you begin with, the Ethereal Heroes you have gives Belegar a surprisingly powerful opening army, capable of taking out most enemies in a head-to-head fight. Because of their physical resistance, they can absorb high amounts of damage. They also cause terror, which is very pertinent against low leadership Greenskins. Use your heroes to block most of the enemy infantry while your ranged units rain down upon them.
  • Crooked Moon and Crooked Moon Mutinous Gits will send armies against you whenever they can, so it is a good idea to eliminate Skarsnik as soon as you have consolidated your starting province. This removes one threat, and gives you some more breathing room to focus on infrastructure.
  • While deep into Greenskin territory, there's little point in colonizing the territories you conquer, as the Orcs will reclaim them behind you. Sack or Raze them instead, until you get close to Karak Eight Peaks. Once close, take over a nearby territory and heal/replace your forces as required. Then, when ready, take on the Karak. Once it's under your control, you can look in to a second (possibly third) army, and can turn your attention to the rest of the Greenskins nearby, as you'll likely have a number of grudges to clear. From then on out, they play no different than any other Dwarfs.
  • As of Warhammer II, Belegar is further surrounded with Ikit Claw in Skavenblight and Aranessa in Sartosa. One of them will likely wipe out Tilea and pose a threat to your back. War with the two of them is almost inevitable, but should be prolonged as long as possible. Be wary of these two powerful factions pulling you further west away from your goal at Karak Eight Peaks.
  • Another tip is to consider disbanding the Hammerers Belegar starts with. Their upkeep is crippling in the early game.
  • It is wise as well to level Belegar towards Lightning Strike as soon as possible, it can prove to be useful in fighting the numerous stacks of Greenskins around Karak Eight Peaks. Further, having a unit of artillery when you make the move towards the Karak allows you to initiate the siege instantly, useful if you catch the Karak undefended.