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"Yes-yes Warlord Krizk - for a treaty-pledge of just 200 Slaves, 12 claws of warptokens, a Breeder and certain alliances and pledges, one of our very-very finest Clan Moulder Rat Ogres can be yours..."

—Clan Moulder Haggle-master [1]


Clan Moulder
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General data

Clan Moulder is a Skaven faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Morlocke and can be found in Hell Pit in the northern wastes of the Old World.


Clan Moulder is one of the Four Great Skaven Clans which specializes in the mastery of breeding, mutating, and surgically creating some of the most horrific and fearsome war-beasts to have ever existed. Such is the demand for these ferocious creations that Clan Moulder is one of the wealthiest of all Skaven Clans. While many are jealous of Clan Moulder's might, few dare to openly challenge them, not when the clan can field an entire army of grotesquely mutated war-beasts.

The loathsome stronghold of Clan Moulder, known as Hell Pit, lies deep within the Northern Wastes. The many foul creatures that roam this land provide the raw material used in the clan's breeding pits, skin forges, and flesh laboratories. The Clan Moulder spine-rune is a common brand amongst the clan's Packmasters, as are symbols of the glowing-green rat, and crude renderings of the whips and prodders used to goad the beasts that have made the clan infamous.

Indeed, the respect and awe the other Clans feel towards Clan Moulder is well-deserved. Their twisted creations enhanced Moulder’s prestige and influence in the Under-Empire, but it is whispered amongst the other Skaven that this Clan plots something else, something far more dangerous and sinister. Whatever it is, none can say with authority, but the sudden surge of new and terrifying creations spilling out from Hell Pit has more than one Skaven Clan nervous.[2]

The ratmen of Clan Moulder are responsible for monstrosities such as:

Starting territory[edit]

Mortal Empires
Eye of the Vortex


Diplomatic traits:

Mortal Empires:

  •  ?

Eye of the Vortex:

  •  ?


They start with only one settlement but have the potential to expand once the forces of Norsca and Warriors of Chaos start their offensive on Kislev and the northeastern Empire provinces, leaving many cities in ruins, excellent for the Skaven to claim.


  • While being the wealthiest of the four Great clans, Clan Moulder is currently only a minor faction led by a generic lord.