Clan Pestilens

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Clan Pestilens
Wh2 main skv clan pestilens crest.png
General data
TypePlayable subfaction
RulerLord Skrolk
CampaignsEye of the Vortex
Mortal Empires
Starting territory
Eye of the Vortex
Mortal Empires
ClimatesPrefers Savannah, Jungle, Desert, Temperate, Mountain, Wasteland
Racial capital
  • Skavenblight
  • Hell Pit
  • Distinct features
    Bullet skv underworld.pngSkaven Under-Empire:Skaven settlements appear to be ruins to other factions until scouted. Skaven can establish secret Under-Cities in enemy settlements.
    Bullet skv food.pngFood:Maintain food supplies to gain growth and other bonuses, and to avoid starvation penalties.
    Icon corruption skv.pngSkaven Corruption:Skaven corruption is a detriment to local public order, but allows extra uses of the Menace Below ability.
    Icon loyalty.pngLoyalty:Lords have different loyalty levels, and may rebel against you

    Clan Pestilens is a subfaction of Skaven introduced in Total War: Warhammer II, playable in campaign. They are led by Lord Skrolk.

    How they play[edit | edit source]

    A summary of Skaven gameplay:

    • Units: Masses of cheap expendable units, backed up horrifying monsters, and devastating war machines. No cavalry or flying units.
    • Skaven Under-Empire: Skaven settlements appear as ruins to other factions, until discovered. Additionally, Skaven can establish secret Under-Cities beneath enemy settlements.
    • Food: Food is a special resource that Skaven must manage alongside money. It can increase usage of army abilities or help upgrade settlements.
    • The Menace Below: In campaign battles, Skaven have a unique army ability called The Menace Below which summons Clanrats. Spending food increases the amount of times this can be used.
    • Skaven Corruption: In campaign, Skaven must manage Skaven Corruption which both benefits and harms them.
    • Loyalty: Lords have different loyalty levels, which can cause them to take their army and rebel against you.
    • Stances: Stalking replaces default stance and gives a chance to ambush. Skaven also have access to the Underway, like Dwarfs and Greenskins.
    • Rites: Skaven have access to various rites which grant bonuses in campaign.

    Background[edit | edit source]

    Brother-under-the-fur. Ha! Now you are brother-true. Reject false-words of seers and embrace true face of the Horned One! Bring Skrolk to the Wormstone, and you will be Plague Priest. Betray, and you become pus-bag.

    Clan Pestilens is one of the four Greater Clans. Its members are the Plague Monks – the disciples of disease and decay. Clan Pestilens dedicate themselves with insane fervour to spreading corruption in the name of the Great Horned Rat. Pestilens was the first clan to reach Lustria; there, in the hot, fetid conditions, did the disease-ridden ratmen start to overcome the climate to found Clan Pestilens. It wasn’t long before the emergent clan encountered the Lizardmen and an age-old enmity was born. Of all the warm-blooded invaders to trespass on Lustria, it is the Skaven – and Clan Pestilens in particular – that the Lizardmen hate the most. Eventually, after decades of self-imposed exile, the Plague Monks re-joined the Under-Empire and immediately claimed their place on the Council of Thirteen. Their leader is Arch-Plaguelord Nurglitch, and while he controls the clan from Skavenblight it is Lord Skrolk that remains in Lustria to return Pestilens to greatness.

    Lord Skrolk is an affront to nature. Plants wither and die where Skrolk treads and even the air around him seems to congeal and darken. Skrolk is ancient and blind, but only a fool would mistake his lack of sight for weakness… In battle, Skrolk leads from the front so he can unleash his rabid fury, wielding the Rod of Corruption and reading from the Liber Bubonicus - a tome describing every disease conjured by Pestilens that even the Chaos God, Nurgle, is said to covet. But Skrolk’s greatest asset is and always will be his cunning. This Plague Priest has lived for countless centuries and is far more than a mere frenzied zealot!

    In battle[edit | edit source]

    Clan Pestilens play like a regular Skaven faction. See that page for details.

    In campaign[edit | edit source]

    Clan Pestilens play like a regular Skaven faction. See that page for details.

    Legendary Lord choices[edit | edit source]

    Climate preferences[edit | edit source]

    Climate preferences for Clan Pestilens:

    • Habitable: Savannah, Jungle, Desert, Temperate, Mountain, Wasteland
    • Unpleasant: Chaotic Wasteland, Frozen
    • Uninhabitable: Island, Magical Forest

    Start locations[edit | edit source]

    Eye of the Vortex
    Mortal Empires

    Victory conditions[edit | edit source]

    Eye of the Vortex
    •  ?
    Short campaign
    • ?
    Long campaign
    • ?

    Strategy[edit | edit source]

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