Cult of Ulric

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"Ulric give me the fangs of the wolf,

Ulric give me the claws of the wolf,
Ulric give me the coat of the wolf,
And I will show your enemies the mercy of the wolf." -Ulrican Prayer
Cult of Ulric
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General data
TypeMinor faction
CategoryThe Empire
RulerBernhardt Hergiger
CampaignsAn Eye For An Eye

Cult of Ulric is a minor Empire faction in the An Eye For An Eye mini-campaign.

Starting Territory[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Cult of Ulric, known also as the Church of Ulric or the Ulrican Cult is a state-official religious organisation that administrates the worship and prayers of the followers of Ulric, God of War, Winter and Wolves. Second only in power and influence to that of the Cult of Sigmar, the Cult of Ulric is amongst the most ancient of religions, dating back long before the Empire of Man was created by its founder, Sigmar Heldenhammer. Ulric is by far the most war-like of all the gods of the Old World Pantheons, embodying all of Mankind's courage, strength and power in the face of overwhelming odds. In the Pantheon of the Northern Gods, he is the brother of Taal, God of the Wilderness and the brother-in-law of Rhya, Goddess of Fertility. He is worshipped predominantly in the north of the Empire, within the territories of the Grand Barony of Nordland, the Grand Principality of Ostland and especially the Grand Duchy of Middenland. Worshippers of Ulric preserve the spirit and traditions of their pre-Imperial ancestors, and the leadership of the Cult of Ulric is able to trace its roots back over three millennium.

The leader of the Cult is the Ar-Ulric, lead today by the couragous and war-like Emil Valgeir. Beneath him are the various High Priests that occupy the Cult's hierarchic, which includes the Grandmaster of the Knights of the White Wolf. Every High Priest is in charge of a major temple and has a Deputy High Priest, sometimes called a Denfather to help aid and administrate the Temple. Beneath them are the priest of various levels, and below them the initiates of the Cult.

The symbol of Ulric is the white wolf, and his followers often wear wolf pelts as cloaks, which were taken by an animal killed by their own hands according to Ulric's strictures. He is commonly depicted as a massive warrior in the style of the tribes who founded the Empire: his long hair flows unbound, his thick black beard is silvered with frost, he wields a giant two-handed hammer and goes into battle without a helm to show his bravery. His followers are many, and it is thanks to the savagery and honour that this God has instilled upon the northern people of the Empire that no army, no matter how large or terrifying, shall ever conqueror the indomitable spirit of Ulric's chosen, and it is said that so long as the Flame of Ulric persist throughout even the darkness of days, the fortress-city of Middenheim, the heart of their very faith, shall never-ever fall from those that seek to destroy it.[1]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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