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Downloadable content also known as DLC is extra content created by Creative Assembly for Total War: Warhammer, outside of the main game trilogy. Some DLC must be paid for, while other DLC is released as a free content update for all players (CA refers to this as "Free-LC" as opposed to "paid DLC").

DLC should not be confused with mods.

Types of DLC[edit | edit source]

Lord Packs[edit | edit source]

Lord Packs introduce new playable Lords for existing playable factions:

Race Packs[edit | edit source]

Race Packs introduce a new playable race:

Campaign Packs[edit | edit source]

Campaign Packs contain all the content of a Race Pack, along with a new Challenge Campaign featuring the pack’s new race.

List of currently available paid DLC[edit | edit source]

Name Type Release date Steam store Content
Chaos Warriors Race Pack Race Pack 2016, May 23 Link Adds the Warriors of Chaos as a playable faction.
Blood for the Blood God Graphical effects 2016, June 30 Link Adds various blood, gore and dismemberment effects to battles.
Call of the Beastmen Campaign Pack 2016, July 28 Link Adds the Beastmen as a playable race in the Grand Campaign and their own mini-campaign.
The Grim and the Grave Lord Pack 2016, September 1 Link Adds the Legendary Lord Volkmar The Grim to The Empire, as well as the Legendary Lord Helman Ghorst to the Vampire Counts.
The King and the Warlord Lord Pack 2016, October 20 Link Adds the Dwarf Legendary Lord Belegar Ironhammer, leading the sub-faction Clan Angrund, as well as the Goblin Legendary Lord Skarsnik, leading the Greenskin sub-faction Crooked Moon.
Realm of the Wood Elves Campaign Pack 2016, December 8 Link Adds the Wood Elves as a playable race in the Grand Campaign and their own mini-campaign.
Norsca Race Pack 2017, August 10 Link Updates the Norsca faction, and makes them a playable race in the Grand Campaign.

List of free DLC/content updates[edit | edit source]

Name Release date Patch/Update Content
Blood Knights 2016, June 30 Update 1 Adds Blood Knights as a new unit for the Vampire Counts.
Amber Wizard 2016, July 28 Update 2 Adds Amber Wizards as a new hero for The Empire, as well as the Lore of Beasts for The Empire and the Beastmen.
Vlad von Carstein 2016, September 9 Update 3 Adds the new Legendary Lord Vlad von Carstein to the Vampire Counts.
Wurrzag 2016, October 20 Update 4 Adds the new Legendary Lord Wurrzag da Great Green Prophet, who leads a new Orc sub-faction, The Bloody Handz.
Grey & Jade Wizards 2016, December 8 Update 5 Adds the new heroes Grey Wizard and Jade Wizard to The Empire
Grombrindal 2017, January 19[1] Adds the new Legendary Lord Grombrindal to the Dwarfs.
Brettonia 2017, February 28 Update 6 Updated the Brettonia faction, and made them a playable race in the main campaign.
Isabella von Carstein 2017, February 28 Update 6 Adds the Von Carstein faction, makes them a playable race in the Main Campaign, adds the new Legendary Lord Isabella von Carstein to the Von Carstein faction, and migrates Vlad von Carstein to the Von Carstein faction.
Krell 2017, July  ? Adds the hero Wight King Krell as an ally to Heinrich Kemmler of the Vampire Counts.
30th Birthday Regiments of Renown 2017, August  ? Adds several Regiments of Renown to DLC and Free-LC races. This requires signing up for Total War Access.

See Creative Assembly's ongoing free content plans:

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  1. First available as paid DLC on October 22, 2016