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Dark Elves

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Dark Elves
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General data
CategoryDark Elves
Distinct features
Bullet def black arks.pngBlack Arks:Powerful naval units that can replenish forces, recruit new units and forces, and bombard battles within range.
Bullet def slaves.pngSlaves:Provide a bonus to provincial economies at the cost of reduced public order.
Bullet def murderous prowess.pngMurderous Prowess:Dark Elves receive the favour of Khaine in the form of increased combat performance should they kill enough enemies in battle.

Dark Elves are a major faction in the north-west of the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and one of the four principal campaign factions in Total War: Warhammer II.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Unit Roster[edit | edit source]

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Background[edit | edit source]

If they shall not bow to me, the rightful ruler of Ulthuan, then I shall see each tower crumble and every soul scourged in pain until they beg for my rule.

Long ago, the near-immortal Elves were a single race, united in outlook. Then came a great divide: The Daemons came and Aenarion strode forth to vanquish them. At first a mighty hero… then he drew the Sword of Khaine and doomed his line. Avarice, jealousy and malevolence boiled over and forever tore apart their civilisation. Though the Daemons were banished and the Great Vortex created, in victory came the Elves’ ultimate defeat. A schism was rent between those who had been most loyal to Aenarion’s line, and the rest of Ulthuan. Soon Elf fought Elf and the Dark Elves, or, more accurately, the Druchii, were forged in war, blood and murder.

Malekith[edit | edit source]

Denied the throne and then rejected by the god Asuryan’s purifying flames, Malekith, rightful son of Aenarion, has declared himself forever the enemy of Ulthuan and the Asur. Malekith’s broken body was healed by his mother, the Hag Sorceress Morathi, using magical means, he remains scarred from the encounter and twisted by an inalienable desire to avenge himself upon those once considered kin. There are none among the Druchii – Malekith’s Elven supporters – who have seen his face, for his entire body lies encased within a suit of enchanted, black-metal armour said to be fused to his flesh. Many among the Druchii even mutter that Morathi’s Dark Magic has rendered her son immortal. Whether or not this is true, Malekith promises dire vengeance upon the Asur, vowing to wipe Ulthuan forever from the face of the world if he is denied the Phoenix Throne again.

Deep within the Dark Elves’ bleak kingdom of Naggaroth, plans are afoot to bring about the High Elves’ downfall. To this end, Malekith has spent centuries training to become the perfect warrior, a much-dreaded sorcerer, and an ‘inspirational’ leader, although fear of the ‘Witch King’, as he is now known is, in many cases, the galvanising element.

Malekith’s forces have followed him across the world in pursuit of his dark goal, and have faced the High Elves on many occasions; in spite of this, Ulthuan still stands. Nothing if not persistent, Malekith knows that soon there will be a final reckoning between the Elves – the Druchii will rise, the Asur will fall, and the work of millennia will at last be complete. If the Witch King cannot rule Ulthuan, then no one will!

Morathi[edit | edit source]

The events that led to this sundering happened millennia ago, and yet, the grand architect of a whole race’s tragedy not only still lives but remains one of the most powerful of all their rulers. She is the mother of the Witch King; she is Morathi, the Hag Sorceress of Ghrond.

Morathi was Aenarion’s second wife. He rescued the beautiful seeress from a Slaaneshi host. As the legends tell it, they soon fell in love, and Morathi’s influence became absolute. Through their union came a son, Malekith, destined to become the Witch King. This alone guarantees Morathi a place in history, but she is far more than a mother alone. It was Morathi that broke apart the magical spectrum to fashion Dark Magic. It was she that spread the Cult of Pleasure throughout Ulthuan, fermenting the seeds of discord and ensuring that Malekith’s followers were ready when he made his move against the usurpers of Ulthuan.

To this day, Morathi is both revered and hated by her own kin. While the Witch King tolerates his mother, she is more likely to be manipulating events that furnish her own agenda. Seduction and assassination are her favoured weapons, although she is no stranger to open war. Over millennia the Cult of Pleasure’s influence has waxed and waned, but it has always remained under Morathi’s sway. And so - even as Malekith banishes the Hag Sorceress away from the traditional powerbase of Ghrond to the Ancient City of Quintex - her followers are ready and waiting.

Start Positions[edit | edit source]

In the Eye of the Vortex campaign, the player can choose either the Naggarond faction, or the Cult of Pleasure faction.