Dark Elves

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Dark Elves
Campaign 11.png
General data
TypeMajor race
CategoryDark Elves
Cult of Pleasure
Starting province
  • Differs depending on sub-faction.
Faction capital
  • Prefers Frozen, Chaotic Wasteland and Island
Distinct features
Bullet def black arks.pngBlack Arks:Powerful naval units that can replenish forces, recruit new units and forces, and bombard battles within range.
Bullet def slaves.pngSlaves:Provide a bonus to provincial economies at the cost of reduced public order.
Bullet def murderous prowess.pngMurderous Prowess:Dark Elves receive the favour of Khaine in the form of increased combat performance should they kill enough enemies in battle.
?RitesDark Elf Rites consume slaves, and provide bonuses such as summoning Black Arks.

Dark Elves are a major race in Total War: Warhammer II, playable in multiplayer and custom battles. In the campaign, they have two playable subfactions: Naggarond and Cult of Pleasure.

The Dark Elves are a sadistic, cruel race who dwell in the cold, bleak land of Naggaroth after long ago being exiled from Ulthuan. The Dark Elf military consists of small numbers of highly-disciplined elite troops which march to war alongside hydras. The Dark Elves sail the seas in huge Black Arks, taking slaves to boost their economy, or to sacrifice to their bloodthirsty gods.

How they play[edit | edit source]

A summary of Dark Elves gameplay:

  • Units: Dark Elves unit roster is fairly well-rounded, with a focus on elite infantry and cavalry, backed up by hydras and spellcasters.
  • Murderous Prowess: In battle, Dark Elf armies gain extra bonuses after inflicting a certain amount of damage.
  • Slaves: In campaign, Dark Elves gather the slaves resource, which boosts the economy at the expense of public order.
  • Black Arks: These are powerful naval units which can be used to recruit armies at sea.
  • Rites: Dark Elves have access to various rites which grant bonuses in campaign when slaves are sacrificed.
  • Chaos Corruption: In campaign, Morathi's Cult of Pleasure faction spreads chaos corruption, but other Dark Elf factions do not.

Background[edit | edit source]

If they shall not bow to me, the rightful ruler of Ulthuan, then I shall see each tower crumble and every soul scourged in pain until they beg for my rule.

Long ago, the near-immortal Elves were a single race. Then came a great divide: The Daemons came and Aenarion strode forth to vanquish them. At first a mighty hero… then he drew the Sword of Khaine and doomed his line. Avarice, jealousy and malevolence boiled over and forever tore apart elven civilisation. Though the Daemons were banished and the Great Vortex created, in victory came the Elves’ ultimate defeat.

A schism was rent between those who had been most loyal to Aenarion’s line, and the rest of Ulthuan. Soon Elf fought Elf and the Dark Elves, called the Druchii, were forged in war, blood and murder. This was the Sundering: a brutal civil war that nearly destroyed Ulthuan, sinking parts of the island and leaving others as wasteland.

Eventually the Dark Elves were defeated and cast out, fleeing west and establishing a new kingdom in the cold land of Naggaroth across the sea. This harsh land, as well as attacks from Beastmen and Chaos, has forged the Druchii into an a merciless and brutal race. From their dark cities, they range across the seas, taking slaves for their industry and bloody sacrifices. They will not rest until they have reconquered Ulthuan and every one of their hated kin is dead or in chains.

In Battle[edit | edit source]

Unit Roster[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dark Elves unit roster

The Dark Elves have a unit roster which is decently varied. They have infantry, cavalry, strong missile troops and artillery. A few monsters and flying units are also available. However, good leadership and fairly fast movement. Dark Elf troops have fairly good leadership and tend to be expensive, as they rely on quality over quantity.

Dark Elf spellcasters have access to their unique Lore of Dark Magic, as well as the Lore of Death, Lore of Shadows and Lore of Fire. This is a total of 24 spells. Like the High Elves, Dark Elf spellcasters have access to an improved version of Arcane Conduit. Both their legendary lords (Malekith and Morathi) are spellcasters.

Lastly, Dark Elves factions also have access to Black Arks (see below).

Murderous Prowess[edit | edit source]

Main article: Murderous Prowess

Bullet def murderous prowess.png Murderous Prowess is an ability that many Dark Elves units have, giving them bonuses after a certain threshold of damage to the enemy has been reached. Some units have Murderous Mastery which is a more powerful version.

In the Campaign[edit | edit source]

Dark Elves are a normal, non-horde race who occupy settlements and control provinces.

Slaves[edit | edit source]

Main article: Slaves

Bullet def slaves.png Slaves are a unique resource for the Dark Elves in campaign that they must manage, alongside money. Slaves are captured after a victorious battle, and transferred to owned provinces. More slaves in a province provides bonuses to money income while lowering public order. Slaves can be managed from the Slaves Menu, access via a button in the lower right while viewing the campaign map. Slaves can also be sacrificed in rites (see below).

Black Arks[edit | edit source]

Main article: Black Ark

Bullet def black arks.png Black Arks are unique naval units for the Dark Elves which enable mobile unit recruitment at sea and provide army abilities to nearby armies in battle. They act a little like a mobile settlement, and are recruited via sacrificing slaves in a certain rite.

Rites[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dark Elves rites

Dark Elves have access to 4 rites, which provide various bonuses at the cost of sacrificing slaves. The Sacrifice to Mathlann rite allows the player to recruit a Black Ark.

Chaos Corruption[edit | edit source]

Icon corruption chs.pngChaos Corruption is spread by Morathi and her Cult of Pleasure faction in the campaign. If a player is using another Dark Elves faction and confederates with Morathi then she will stop spreading corruption.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dark Elves buildings

Technology[edit | edit source]

Main article: Dark Elves tech tree

Stances[edit | edit source]

High Elves have access to the following stances:

Post-battle options[edit | edit source]

The post-battle options for Dark Elves are as follows:

  • Ransom captives
  • Murder captives
  • Enslave (provides extra slaves depending on the amount of captives)

Settlement options[edit | edit source]

Settlement options for Dark Elves factions are as follows:

  • Ruins: Treasure hunt / Colonize
  • Captured Settlement: Occupy / Loot and occupy / Sack / Raze

Commandments[edit | edit source]

See the article on commandments for a list of Dark Elves commandments.

Climate preferences[edit | edit source]

  • Habitable: Chaotic Wasteland, Frozen, Island
  • Unpleasant: Mountain, Temperate, Savanna, Jungle
  • Uninhabitable: Wasteland, Magical Forest, Desert

Playable Factions[edit | edit source]

Campaign starting positions for playable Dark Elves sub-factions:

Malekith / Naggarond[edit | edit source]

Malekith leads the Naggarond faction in campaigns. He is a powerful melee fighter and spellcaster, who can ride a dragon.
Starting positions

Eye of the Vortex - Naggarond (province)

Mortal Empires - Iron Mountains

Morathi / Cult of Pleasure[edit | edit source]

Cult of Pleasure.png
Morathi leads the Cult of Pleasure faction in campaigns. She is a powerful spellcaster with spells from several lores.
Starting positions

Eye of the Vortex

Mortal Empires

Minor factions[edit | edit source]

The following minor Dark Elves factions are found in campaign mode. Not all minor factions are found in all campaigns.

Chaos Invasion[edit | edit source]

Dark Elves factions do not gain shield of civilization during a Chaos Invasion.

Videos[edit | edit source]