Dark Elves rites

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A Dark Elves rite being unlocked.

These are the rites or sacrifices available to Dark Elves in the campaign mode of Total War: Warhammer II. All of these involve sacrificing Icon slaves.pngslaves to the Dark Elf Gods.

They should not be confused with rituals in the Eye of the Vortex campaign.

Sacrifice to Atharti[edit | edit source]

Those sacrificed to the Lady of Desire go willingly to their deaths. Such appeasement enthrals the masses.

Cost: 100 slaves, Cooldown: 20 turns, Duration: 5 turns.

Sacrifice to Hekarti[edit | edit source]

The Mistress of Magic is very choosy about who is sacrificed to her - only those touched by sorcery may be offered. In return, she brings the Winds of Magic.

Cost: 250 slaves, Cooldown: 20 turns, Duration: 5 turns.

Sacrifice to Khaine[edit | edit source]

The victims of Khaine cannot go meekly to His halls; it must be bloody-handed murder. But once the blood is flowing, from whence will it stop?

Cost: 375 slaves, Cooldown: 40 turns, Duration: 15 turns.

Sacrifice to Mathlann[edit | edit source]

The slaves are brought to the Altar of Mathlann, Lord of the Deeps; their sacrifice ensures the seas are for the Druchii alone.

Cost: 500 slaves, Cooldown: 25 turns.

Sacrifice to Drakira[edit | edit source]

This replaces Sacrifice to Hekarti for the Har Ganeth subfaction.

An offering to the Queen of Vengeance cannot be any mere kill. It has to be one sought through revenge - the wronged party achieving the retribution due. Such acts will most likely glean Drakira's attention.

Cost: 400 slaves, Cooldown: 30 turns, Duration: 10 turns

  • Recruit rank +2 for Death Hags and Witch Elves.
  • Leadership +10 when fighting High Elves (all armies).
  • Weapon strength +15% when fighting High Elves (all armies).
  • Diplomatic relations -25 with High Elves.

Sacrifice to Anath Raema[edit | edit source]

This replaces Sacrifice to Mathlann for The Blessed Dread subfaction.

Anath Raema is the sister of Khaine, and Goddess of the Savage Hunt. Through her, the Dark Elves are gifted the joy of the chase and the kill. Anath Raema does not care who or what is hunted, every living being is prey for the bloodthirsty Goddess!

Cost: 400 slaves, Cooldown: 25 turns, Duration: 10 turns