Defence of the Oak of Ages

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Defence of the Oak of Ages
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Legendary LordOrion
FactionWood Elves
Battle typeClassic
RewardSpear of Kurnous

Defence of the Oak of Ages is a set piece battle in Realm of the Wood Elves.

Description[edit | edit source]

These violent desires must not come to fruition. Orion is all that stands between the Oak of Ages and the utter ruin of Athel Loren. They will come from the south, intent on breaking through Orion's defences and attacking the Oak, but the King will stand firm. Indeed he must, for the alternative is the destruction of the forest as he knows it. Yet Anath Raema is determined, she will see the rebel band is reinforced with her minions where possible. Orion and his forces must be ever-vigilant, although with all of Athel Loren behind him and the power of Ariel within his soul he cannot fail. He will not fail! He will see these dark desires meet a violent end and peace return to Athel Loren's gentle glades.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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