Defiled Ancestor Tombs

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Defiled Ancestor Tombs is a Landmark building buildable by Skarsnik and Crooked Moon at Karak Eight Peaks.

Humiliation and dishonor are the Dwarfs' rewards, as the tombs of their Ancestors lie ruined and defiled.

Effects[edit | edit source]


  • Obedience: +10
  • Lord recruit rank: +3 (factionwide)
  • Leadership: +20 for Goblin and Night Goblin units (all armies)
  • Attrition: -50% when under siege (local armies)
  • Siege holdout time: +10
  • Recruit rank: +4 for Goblin and Night Goblin units (all characters)
  • Unit experience gain per turn: +50 (factionwide)
  • Provides garrison
  • Unlocks recruitment of: