Demands Region

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Demands Region is an Empire Dilemma. This occurs when the territory of one Elector Count has been taken over by another. For example, if Nagenhof, which is an Ostermark settlement is taken over by Ostland, this event will fire.

Historically, the region of [X] has been ruled over by [Elector state/faction], but is currently under the control of the Elector Count of another state.

[Elector Count], the rightful Elector count of [Elector state/faction], has asked for your help in restoring his rule over this land immediately.

The choices below will use the example above, but the names are interchangeable with different factions (consequences remain the same).

Choices[edit | edit source]

Demand Nagenof's Return: Nagenhof is returned to Ostermark

Fealty +1 Ostermark

Fealty -1 Ostland

Allow Expansion: Ostland will retain control of Nagenhof

Fealty -1 Ostermark

Fealty +1 Ostland