Devastation of Ostermark

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Devastation of Ostermark
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Legendary LordVlad von Carstein
FactionVampire Counts
Battle typeClassic
RewardBlood Drinker

Devastation of Ostermark is a set piece battle in The Grim and the Grave.

Description[edit | edit source]

At last an army worthy of restoring Blood Drinker ! The vessels are many and so Vlad's sword shall drink deeply. The battlefield is large and open, the Empire's generals think they can outflank and outmanoeuvre the Undead hosts. Vlad should use this learning against them if he is to seek victory.

Intro dialogue[edit | edit source]

Vlad Von Carstein : " I have not seen such a pathetic sight since mine father-in-law, Otto, took his last breath ! Is this all thine empire can muster ? What a pitiful age this is ! It makes me pander for the era of worthy foes, such as Wilhelm, or that Wolf Knight, Krueger... not this pathetic squabble of mortal men.

Yet, my sword thirsts and so shall it be slacked in the blood of living fools that think to challenge the might of Von Carstein. Let the slaughter begin ! "

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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