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Dilemmas are a type of event which may require a particular race or faction to trigger and may have other pre-requirements, such as a particular research and a lord with low/high loyalty. There are always two or more options which clearly explain its effects.

Name Race Base game
A Brutal Business Any TW:W
A Stranger Comes Any TW:W
Foolish Vainglory Any TW:W
The Gods are Angry Any TW:W
The Migration Any TW:W
Under the Dark Moon's Glare Any TW:W
Blasphemy Beastmen TW:W
Blood or Flesh Beastmen TW:W
Commander of the Herd Beastmen TW:W
Dark Choice Beastmen TW:W
Don't lick a Toad Beastmen TW:W
Gaze of Darkness Beastmen TW:W
Gluttony Beastmen TW:W
Into the Heart of the Dark Beastmen TW:W
Ruinous Rituals Beastmen TW:W
The Brayherd Calls Beastmen TW:W
The Dark Moon Beastmen TW:W
The Enemy Within Beastmen TW:W
A Noble Feast Bretonnia TW:W
Border Dispute Bretonnia TW:W
Corrupt Duke Bretonnia TW:W
Dedicated Service Bretonnia TW:W
Food Hoarder Bretonnia TW:W
Gifted Children Bretonnia TW:W
Gotrek & Felix Offer Their Services Bretonnia TW:WII
Heraldry of Artois Bretonnia TW:W
Heraldry of Bastonne Bretonnia TW:W
Heraldry of Carcassonne Bretonnia TW:W
Heraldry of Couronne Bretonnia TW:W
Heraldry of Lyonesse Bretonnia TW:WII
Heraldry of Parravon Bretonnia TW:W
Hidden Statue Bretonnia TW:W
Hunting Grounds Bretonnia TW:W
Knowledge from the Lady Bretonnia TW:W
Mockery of our Vows Bretonnia TW:W
Pimples & Brown Spots Bretonnia TW:W
Prosperous Harvest Bretonnia TW:W
The Price of Chivalry Bretonnia TW:W
Whispers of Witchcraft Bretonnia TW:W
A Tribute Dark Elves TW:WII
All Along the Watchtowers Dark Elves TW:WII
Assassin! Dark Elves TW:WII
Hostile Takeover Dark Elves TW:WII
Insurgents Dark Elves TW:WII
Name of Power - The Sacrifice Dark Elves TW:WII
The Alchemist Dark Elves TW:WII
The Audience Dark Elves TW:WII
The Beastmaster Dark Elves TW:WII
The Black Council Dark Elves TW:WII
The Blessing of Khaine Dark Elves TW:WII
The Dagger Dark Elves TW:WII
The Dark Crag Dark Elves TW:WII
The Hermit Dark Elves TW:WII
The Relic Dark Elves TW:WII
Wrongly Accused? Dark Elves TW:WII
A Grudge Too Far Dwarfs TW:W
A Shameful Display Dwarfs TW:W
Caravan Raid Dwarfs TW:W
Empire in Flames Dwarfs TW:W
Gotrek & Felix Offer Their Services Dwarfs TW:WII
The Living Ancestor Dwarfs TW:W
What Would Grungni Do Dwarfs TW:W
Get Out of Da way! Greenskins TW:W
Gork or Mork? Greenskins TW:W
Hag Merchant Encountered Greenskins TW:WII
Lootas Greenskins TW:W
Over-gyrating Shaman Greenskins TW:W
Wanderin' Gits Greenskins TW:W
Where's ma teef? Greenskins TW:W
Dragon's Herald Approached High Elves TW:WII
In-Fighting High Elves TW:WII
Invocation of Vaul High Elves TW:WII
Life in the Lagoon High Elves TW:WII
Retainer of Power High Elves TW:WII
Signed, Sealed, Delivered High Elves TW:WII
The Court of Many Kings High Elves TW:WII
The Folly of Youth High Elves TW:WII
The Hunt & the Hunter High Elves TW:WII
The Would-Be Suitor High Elves TW:WII
They Who Whisper High Elves TW:WII
You Can Dance High Elves TW:WII
Wed to Etiquette High Elves TW:WII
A Tainted Bounty Lizardmen TW:WII
Ancient Skills Lizardmen TW:WII
Blood Sacrifice Lizardmen TW:WII
Born Killers Lizardmen TW:WII
Charging In Lizardmen TW:WII
Knowledge Regained Lizardmen TW:WII
New (Cold) Blood Lizardmen TW:WII
One Shot Lizardmen TW:WII
Seal or Strike Lizardmen TW:WII
The Right Kind of Warrior Lizardmen TW:WII
(Un)deadly Price Lizardmen TW:WII
War Babies Lizardmen TW:WII
Ways & Means Lizardmen TW:WII
Which Hero? Lizardmen TW:WII
A Monstrous Offering Norsca TW:W
A Surfeit of Loot Norsca TW:W
Avalanche! Norsca TW:W
Bestial Servants Norsca TW:W
Blood Iron Norsca TW:W
Eager For Blood Norsca TW:W
Grim Visions Norsca TW:W
Hidden Fissure Norsca TW:W
Phar Away Gold Norsca TW:W
Prove Their Worth Norsca TW:W
Rare Metal Norsca TW:W
Sacrificial Altars Norsca TW:W
Shrine or Shine Norsca TW:W
The Dying Skald Norsca TW:W
The Everchosen's Summons Norsca TW:WII
Throgg Defeated Norsca TW:WII
Warlord Defeated Norsca TW:WII
Wulfrik Defeated Norsca TW:WII
A Noise Problem Skaven TW:WII
Connivers! Skaven TW:WII
Dust It Off! Skaven TW:WII
Loyal Musk Skaven TW:WII
Mine-Mine! Skaven TW:WII
Rattus ex Machina Skaven TW:WII
Skavenslave Revolt Skaven TW:WII
Test of Loyalty Skaven TW:WII
The Horned Rat Calls Skaven TW:WII
What We Do in the Shadows Skaven TW:WII
When Rats Fly! Skaven TW:WII
A Guilded Opportunity The Empire TW:WII
An Ungentlemanly Agreement The Empire TW:WII
Demands Region The Empire TW:WII
Electors Go to War The Empire TW:WII
Elector Greed The Empire TW:W
Gotrek & Felix Offer Their Services The Empire TW:WII
Looters The Empire TW:W
Money is Power The Empire TW:WII
Salvaged Plunder The Empire TW:WII
Tax Riots The Empire TW:W
The Brass Sentinel Speaks The Empire TW:W
The Moot Petitions The Empire TW:W
The Grand Tour The Empire TW:WII
The Great Debate The Empire TW:WII
X Attack Elector's State The Empire TW:WII
A Choice Of Servants Tomb Kings TW:WII
Abandon Sphinx Tomb Kings TW:WII
Entropy Increases Tomb Kings TW:WII
Eternal Servitude Tomb Kings TW:WII
Judas Priest Tomb Kings TW:WII
Lost Tomb, Hidden Knowledge Tomb Kings TW:WII
On the Conqueror's Eternal Service Tomb Kings TW:WII
An Ocean of Opportunities Vampire Coast TW:WII
A Fleshy Feast Vampire Coast TW:WII
A Great Engagement Vampire Coast TW:WII
A Leviathan Surfaces Vampire Coast TW:WII
A Plan of Action Vampire Coast TW:WII
Fleshy Fortune Vampire Coast TW:WII
Great Golden Idol Vampire Coast TW:WII
Pirate Haven Vampire Coast TW:WII
Rotten Timber Reserves Vampire Coast TW:WII
Salvage Supplies Vampire Coast TW:WII
Shipping Ledger Vampire Coast TW:WII
Shyish Wanes Vampire Coast TW:WII
Supplies Adrift Vampire Coast TW:WII
An Enemy Within Vampire Counts TW:W
Feasting On The Smallfolk Vampire Counts TW:W
Legacy of Nagash Vampire Counts TW:W
The Bloody Princes Vampire Counts TW:W
The Prince of Nothing Vampire Counts TW:W
The Eye Closes Warriors of Chaos TW:W
The Eye Opens Warriors of Chaos TW:W
The Eye Opens Wider Warriors of Chaos TW:W
Asrai, Asur, Druchii Wood Elves TW:W
Children of Eternity Wood Elves TW:W
Festival of the Equinox Wood Elves TW:W
Heavens or the Underworld? Wood Elves TW:W
Shape-Shifters Wood Elves TW:W
The Dreaming Wood Wood Elves TW:W
The Fate of the Body Wood Elves TW:W
The Great Stag Wood Elves TW:W
The Night Glens Wood Elves TW:W
Vaults of Winter Wood Elves TW:W