Dolorous Blade

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Dolorous Blade
Wh dlc07 hero abilities dolorous blade.png
TypeIcon spell augment.pngAugment
Duration57 Seconds
  • +34 Melee attack
  • +44% Weapon Strength

Dolorous Blade is a Bretonnia ability introduced in Total War: Warhammer I exclusive to The Green Knight.

Description[edit | edit source]

Glowing with an uncanny light, each stroke of this sword effortlessly carves the foe clean through

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Augment
  • Duration: 57 Seconds
  • Target: Self
  • Recharge if: Engaged in melee
  • +34 Melee attack
  • +44% Weapon Strength
  • 135 Second Cooldown