Duchy of Bordeleaux

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Duchy of Bordeleaux
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CampaignThe Season of Revelation
Starting factionBordeleaux
Special buildingsMorceaux Valley orchards
ResourcesWine, Pottery
For the Old World/Mortal Empires province, see Bordeleaux (province).

Duchy of Bordeleaux is one of the provinces in the world of Warhammer. It appears in the Season of Revelation campaign from the Realm of the Wood Elves DLC for Total War: Warhammer. The Quenelles faction starts here.

In The Old World and Mortal Empires campaign, only this province's capital appears as a province capital in the province of Bordeleaux.

Season of Revelation[edit | edit source]

Settlement Type Port Starting faction Resources Special buildings
Bordeleaux Province capital Port Bordeleaux Resource wine.png Wine Morceaux Valley orchards
Turris Vigilans Minor Resource pottery.png Pottery

Regional occupation[edit | edit source]

Regional occupation:

  • Temperate lowlands