Eataine (province)

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CampaignEye of the Vortex
Mortal Empires
Starting factionLothern, Cult of Excess
SettlementsDepends on campaign
Special buildingsDepends on campaign
ResourcesDepends on campaign
For the playable faction, see Eataine.

Eataine is a province which first appeared in Total War: Warhammer II.

In Mortal Empires, playing as Eataine, they start here at Lothern, while Cult of Excess control the other 3 settlements.

Playing as another faction, all settlements are controlled by Eataine.

In Eye of the Vortex, the Lothern settlement is moved to Straits of Lothern.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Eye of the Vortex[edit | edit source]

Settlement Type Port Climate Starting faction Resources Special buildings
Angerrial Province capital Port Temperate Island Resource wine.png Wine
Shrine of Asuryan Minor Sacred Flame of Asuryan

Mortal Empires[edit | edit source]