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Elector Counts refers to the various states within the Empire and their faction leaders. These factions count towards the Imperial Authority and Fealty mechanics.

Electors[edit | edit source]

(The Gold Order is not an elector count, however Solland was a former Elector Count that was destroyed by Greenskins. Ingame, Gelt has been charged with restoring the state, making him an Elector count.

Additionally there are two seats that start out occupied by secessionist/hostile factions. They are former states that have been lost through conflict. If reconquered and an Elector Count is reappointed they will provide similar buffs as the other counts:

There are other factions under the Empire tab of the diplomacy screen such as The Huntsmarshal's Expedition and Sudenburg, however they are not affected by any of the above mechanics and function as a normal faction albeit with the Empire racial characteristics.