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Each Elector count in The Empire has access to a unique unit. When the player conquers their province and appoints their own count, or confederates through the Fealty system, they gain access to their provincial unit. Multiple units can be recruited, (one every fifteen turns) so they can serve as a strong bolster to many armies. These units function similarly to a regiment of renown, having unique abilities and better stats to differentiate them.

Once you control the Elector Seat you can recruit that province's respective unit once every 15 turns. There is no limit on how many you can have unlike Regiments of Renown.

Also known as Imperial Supply units

Elector States and Units[edit | edit source]

Reikland: Carroburg Greatswords (Greatswords)

Middenland: Swords of Ulric (Swordsmen)

Nordland: Nordland Mariners (Halberdiers)

Ostland: Stubborn Bulls (Empire Knights- Greatswords)

Talabecland: Sootson's Guns (Mortar)

Stirland: Stir River Patrol (Crossbowmen)

Averland: The Noble Sons Abroad (Pistoliers)

Wissenland: The Emperor's Wrath (Steam Tank)

Hochland: Gunderson's Surefires (Handgunners)

Ostermark: Knights of the Everlasting Light (Empire Knights)

Solland: Eldred's Guard (Spearmen)

Although not initially starting off with an elector count, if reconquered and an elector count reappointed, the player will gain access to these units as well.

Marienburg: The Bordermen (Outriders Grenade Launchers)

Sylvania: Knights of Morr (Empire Knights)

Link to unit cards as well as elector count bonuses: https://i.redd.it/r5w8jj9k0nl31.png