Electors Go to War

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Electors Go to War is a Dilemma for The Empire and The Golden Order. Ostermark and Hochland will be used for this example, but the belligerents can change to be any other Elector Count.

The rival states of Ostermark and Hochland have been unable to reconcile their differences and tensions have bubbled over into full blown war.

Elector Count Wolfram Hertwig has declared war on Hochland. What action will you take?

Choices[edit | edit source]

Side with Ostermark: War declared on Hochland, Ostermark declares war on Hochland, +1 Fealty Ostermark

Side with Hochland: War declared on Ostermark, Hochland declares war on Ostermark, +1 Fealty Hochland

Stop the War: -1000 Prestige, +1 Imperial Authority

Do Nothing: Ostermark declares war on Hochland, +1 Fealty Ostermark, -1 Fealty Hochland

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The best outcome of this is gaining coveted Imperial Authority, one should try and keep 1000 Prestige saved up for events like this and the X attacks Elector Count dilemma. If you don't have enough, taking a side is probably best as it avoids outright losing Fealty with one side. This can be strategic as you can return any lost territory to its Elector Count for 1 Fealty, but this is relatively niche.