Empire Secessionists

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Empire Secessionists
Wh main emp empire separatists 256.png
General data
CategoryEmpire Provinces
RulerHans Zintler
CampaignsThe Old World
Mortal Empires

Empire Secessionists is a minor Empire faction in Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II.

When the player plays as The Empire, the Empire Secessionists start in control of all the settlements of Reikland except Altdorf, and the player must fight them off. When the player is playing a different faction, then the Empire Secessionists do not exist and the Empire starts out controlling all of Reikland.

Starting Territory[edit | edit source]

The Old World (Only if you play as the Empire)
Mortal Empires (Only if you play as the Empire)