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"Secure the fealty of the Empire's Lords to govern or take over by force, assigning new, more loyal Elector Counts"

Fealty is a campaign mechanic added for Reikland and The Golden Order in Total War: Warhammer II.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Each state of the Empire is governed by an Elector Count: securing their fealty is key to unifying the Empire through confederation. Some though, will not be easily convinced and will require much persuasion through aid or military force. Once a state's capital is under your control, you may keep the residing Elector Count or elect a new one. Each provides a host of benefits, such as granting a unique Runefang sword and unique units.

Fealty is a new resource to the Empire and the Golden Order. There is a UI button on the bottom right that takes you to a map of the Empire with the elector counts of each county marked. Here you can see their fealty which is how much they recognize your faction's authority. A counts fealty is affected by the Imperial Authority and prestige mechanics as well. Dilemmas will pop up that allow the player to increase their standing with a faction. By spending prestige, money, or supporting a count in the dilemma will increase their fealty. High Imperial Authority also gives a small chance to increase each elector counts fealty per turn.

When a faction's fealty reaches 10 they will offer to confederate in a dilemma. The player can refuse for +1 Imperial Authority (they will offer to confederate again in 20 turns) or accept confederation and lose 3 Imperial Authority.

Once you have either confederated or wiped out an elector count faction, you gain the ability to appoint your own Lord, as well as access to that provinces unique Runefang item, their Elector Count traits, and their unique Elector Count state troops. See the individual faction pages for their Elector trait except Solland and Sylvania which are listed below (Marienburg has the Wasteland Elector trait)

Solland[edit | edit source]

Elector Count of Solland:

Upkeep -5% for Crossbowmen and Spearmen units (Lords Army)

+1 Local recruitment capacity (all provinces)

Attribute: Vanguard Deployment

Upkeep -5% for Imperial Supply units (all armies factionwide)

Grudge Settler:

+6 Melee Attack

+10% Weapon Strength

Passive ability: Solland Runefang: -8 leadership in a 30m radius

State Troop: Eldred's Guard[1]

Sylvania[edit | edit source]

-20% casualties suffered from Vampiric attrition (all armies factionwide)

Attribute: Cause Fear

Attribute: Cause Terror

-5% Upkeep for Imperial Supply units

Stahlberg's Letter Item

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