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Army morale.png Fightiness and Waaagh! armies is a mechanic in Total War: Warhammer for the Greenskins in campaign. It is similar to the Bestial Rage and Bray-Herds mechanic for Beastmen.

This mechanic was removed in Total War: Warhammer II, and replaced with a totally different Call to WAAAGH! system.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Each Greenskins army has it's own Fightiness meter in the bottom left next to the portrait window. Fightiness slowly declines over time, and also declines after losing battles. Winning battles increases Fightiness.

There are 4 levels of Fightiness from low to high. Each has different effects:

Fightiness Name Effect
0-19 Quarrelsome Severe infighting attrition affects the army
20-39 Unruly Some infighting attrition affects the army
40-69 Cowed No effect
70-79 Eager No effect
80-100 Waaagh! A Waaagh! army is summoned if the army has 17 units or more
+20 fightiness per turn

Effects on fightiness[edit | edit source]

Changes to fightiness will happen on the next turn from when the event happens:


  • Animosity (a global debuff every turn for all Greenskins factions): -1 per turn
  • Ransom Captives post-battle option: -3
  • Having casualties: Minimum -1, maximum -9
  • Losing a battle: ?


  • Winning a battle: +5 but depends on scale
  • Sacking or razing a settlement: +5
  • Gork or Mork? dilemma: +5 for 6 turns, or +6 for 5 turns.
  • Waaagh! : +20 fightiness per turn

Waaagh! Armies[edit | edit source]

If Fightiness is above a certain amount, an AI-controlled Waaagh! Army will spawn on the campaign map. It can be given targets to attack by the player, but cannot be directly controlled.

When another faction summons a Waaagh! Army, the player will get an event pop up on their turn notifying them of it.

List of Waaagh! Army compositions[edit | edit source]

Early game
Late game

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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