Foetid Daughter of Grandfather Nurgle

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Foetid Daughter of Grandfather Nurgle is a treasure hunt that can occur when searching ruins in Total War: Warhammer II.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Whilst hunting for treasure in the ruins of an ancient city, you find a hideous, putrid Daemon of Nurgle slumped in a cage, its pox riddled flesh oozing through the bars. In a fly-choked voice it informs you that its tears have healing properties - a bold claim, indeed!

Leave the Daemon[edit | edit source]

Leaving well alone be may be the most sensible course of action here. It is impossible to truly kill a Daemon of Nurgle, you would only invoke its ire.

  • Nothing happens

Kill the Daemon[edit | edit source]

Obviously, Daemons of Chaos are not to be trusted! Slaying the creature wipes the nauseating taint of its putrefaction from the ruins.

  • Faction-wide Buff: Foetid Daughter of Grandfather Nurgle; Untainted +3 (all provinces); 5 turns

Drink the Daemon's tears[edit | edit source]

The Daemon tells the truth! Your warriors are all replenished by the healing properties of the tears. But of course, you always knew this boon wouldcome at a terrible cost...

Search the Cage[edit | edit source]

Whilst lifting the flaps of pallid flesh one of your retainers accidentally cuts the Daemon, causing great gouts of pus and slime to gush forth, tainting the ground with foul corruption.

  • Lord Debuff: Foetid Daughter of Grandfather Nurgle; Chaos corruption +5; 5 turns.