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Forbidden Workshop screenshot.jpg
A screenshot of the Workshop in actioon.

The Forbidden Workshop is a campaign feature available only to the Clan Skryre faction. The player can spend Food and Warp-Fuel to buy upgrades and abilities for certain Skaven units, unlock campaign-only Regiments of Renown, or construct Doom Rockets.

How it works

The Forbidden Workshop is accessed while viewing the campaign map, using a button in the bottom right of the UI.

The Clan Skryre player can pay varying amounts of Food and Warp-Fuel to obtain new abilities and buffs for Ratling Gun Weapons Teams, Warplock Jezzails, Warpfire Thrower Weapons Teams, Doom-Flayers, Doomwheels, and Skaven characters mounted on the latter two war machines (see: Doom-flayer (mount) and Doomwheel (mount)). Doom Rockets can be built and also upgraded in various ways. In addition, while upgrading units, special banners and equipment will be unlocked.

The upgrades are separated into four tiers that are unlocked when a set of conditions have been met for each one.

Workshop interface

Workshop units


All Workshop upgrades cost X warpstone and Y Food


Level 1

  • Doom diagnostics
    • +8 bonus vs infantry (all armies)
    • +15 charge bonus (all armies)
  • Warp-Flares
    • passive: Warpstone Detonation for characters on Doom-Flayer mounts (all armies)
  • Obsidian Alloy
    • +12% weapon strength for Doom-Flayer units (all armies)
    • +10 melee attack for Doom-Flayer units (all armies)
  • Aero-Die-Namics
    • attribute:Vanguard deployment for Doom-Flayer units (all armies)
    • +15% speed for Doom-Flayer units (all armies)

Level 2

  • Micro-Reactors
    • passive: Overload for characters on Doom-Flayer mounts
  • Biointerfaces
    • -15% Miscast base chance for characters on doom-flayer mounts (all armies)
    • winds of magic cost [[Scorch]: -3 (all characters)
    • winds of magic cost Scorch Upgraded: -4 (all characters)
  • Decomposing Decoys
    • attribute:[Stalker] for characters on doom-flayers (all armies)
  • Deployable Skewer-Blades
    • mounted aura leadership effect: +6 (all armies)
    • mounted leadership: +12 (all armies)

Level 3

  • Spiked Armoured Plates
    • Ward safe for doom-flayer units: 12% (all armies)
    • Melee defence for doom-flayer units: +10 (all armies)

Level 4

  • Propeller Knife-Blades
    • passive: "Blade Swirl" for Doom-Flayer units (all armies)


Rare items unlocked by investments:

  • Alloy Shield
    • Armour: +10
    • Missile Resistance: 15%
  • Retractable Fistblade
    • Armour-Piercing Weapon Damage: +10
    • Melee attack: +7
    • enable poison attacs
  • Mechanical Arm
  • Power Armour
    • Melee attack: -12
    • Ward Save: 12%
    • Weapon Strength: +25%

The final invention is granting the unique powerful Blackhole Flayers Doom-Flayers unit.


Level 1

  • Warpstone Dynamos
    • Speed: +12% for Doomwheel units (all armies)
    • Charge bonus: +15 for Doomwheel units (all armies)
  • Micro-Warp Batteries
    • Reload Time Reduction 10% for Doomwheel units (all armies)
  • Skavenslave Grease
    • Melee Defence +10 for Doomwheel units (all armies)
    • Attribute: Strider for Doomwheel units (all armies)
  • Meat Shields
    • Armour: +15 for Doomwheel units (all armies)
    • Missile Resistance: 12% for Doomwheel units (all armies)

Level 2

  • Warp-Spark Plugs
    • Cooldown -10% to "Warp Lightning" (all characters)
  • Superconductors
    • Bonus vs. Infantry: +10% for characters on Doomwheel mounts (all armies)
    • Weapon Strength: +12% for characters on Doomwheel mounts (all armies)
  • Warpstone Alloys
    • Magic Resistance: 22% for characters on Doomwheel mounts (all armies)
    • Armour: +15 for characters on Doomwheel mounts (all armies)
  • Warp-Capacitors
    • "Double Shot" ammunition (increased number of projectiles) for Doomwheel units

Level 3

  • Gyro-Cogs
    • Attribute: Perfect Vigour for characters on Doomwheel mounts (all armies)

Level 4

  • Splitter Prisms
    • "Double Shot" ammunition (increased number of projectiles) for characters on Doomwheel mounts (all armies)
    • Missile Strength: +14% for characters on Doomwheel mounts (all armies)


As you invest in the Doomwheel, you will be unlocking the following rare items:

  • Warp Field Generator
    • Winds of Magic starting amount +5 (Lord's army)
    • Magic and Missile Resistance: 10%
  • Thing Zapper
    • Melee Attack: +5
    • Enables "Contaminated!" contact effect (-10 leadership)
    • Attribute: Causes Terror
  • Modulated Doomwheel Assembly Kit
    • Recruitment Cost: -20% for Doomwheel units (Lord's army)
    • Recruit Rank: +2 for Doom-Flayer and Doomwheel units (Lord's army)
    • Recruitment Duration: -1 turn for Doomwheel units (minimum 1) (Lord's army)
  • Warp Lightning Battery
    • Miscast Chance: -40%
    • Winds of Magic cost: -2 for "Warp Lightning"
    • Winds of Magic cost: -3 for "Warp Lightning Upgraded"

In the end, it unlocks the Warpfire's Wheel unique powerful Doomwheel. Its main advantage is the Regeneration.

Weapons Teams

Ratling Guns

Level 1
  • On-Board Waste Compactor
    • Passive ability: Endless Drum (all armies)
      • Type: Augment
      • Duration: 5 seconds
      • Target: Self
      • Recharge if: Ammunition below 80%
      • Effects: Replenishes ammunition
      • Cooldown: 25 seconds
Level 2
  • Ratling Coolant
    • Reload time Reduction: +15% (all armies)
Level 3
  • Claw-Crafted Bullets
    • Ammunition: +10% (all armies)
    • Missle damage: +10% (all armies)

Warplock Jezzails

Level 1
  • Rat-Eye Scopes
    • Passive ability: Hawkish Precision (all armies):
      • Type: Augment
      • Duration: Constant
      • Target: Self
      • Active if: No enemy presence in ability range
      • +Ability range 70m
      • +15% Armour-Piercing Missile Damage
Level 2
  • Ghillie Fur-Suits
    • attribute: Stalker (all armies)
    • Missile resistance (all armies): 15%
Level 3
  • Craven Rounds
    • passive: Armour-piercing missile damage +25% (all armies)
    • passive: Range +12% (all armies)

Warpfire Throwers

Level 1
  • Gout Busters
    • Missile Strength: +10% (all armies)
Level 2
  • Hazmat Fur-Suits
    • Fire resistance: +25% (all armies)
    • Armour: +25 (all armies)
Level 3
  • Motorised Pumps
    • "Concentrated Flame" ammunition (all armies)
      • Increased range[exact number needed]
      • Anti-large Bonus[exact number needed]


Level 1
  • Star-Metal Talons
    • Melee attack: +30 (all armies)
Level 2
  • The 13 Visions
    • Passive ability: "Witness Me!" (all armies)
      • Type: Augment
      • Duration: Constant
      • Target: Self
      • Disabled if: Hit Points greater than 50%
      • Effects: +50% damage resistance, Unbreakable.
Level 3
  • Warlock's Poultice
    • Passive ability: "Regeneration" (all armies)
      • Type: Regeneration
      • Duration: Constant
      • Target: Self
      • Effects: Restores 4 Hit Points per second, +25% Weakness to Fire Damage
    • Attribute: Expendable (all armies)

Poison Wind Mortars

Level 1
  • Warpstone Lung
    • Reload time reduction: +15% (all armies)
Level 2
  • Rot-Spice Number 5
    • "Pestilent Wind" ammunition (all armies)
      • Damage over time (10 seconds)
      • -10 Leadership
Level 3
  • Iris of the Chaos Moon
    • Range: +12% (all armies)

Glodabiers & Bombardiers

Level 1
  • Warp-Razors
    • +20 Bonus vs. Large ammo (all armies)
Level 2
  • Abomination's Kiss
    • Missile Strength: +15%
Level 3
  • Mist of Morskrit
    • Armor-piercing weapon damage: +14 (all armies)
    • Melee attack: +25 (all armies)
    • Attribute: Causes Fear (all armies)


Investing in Weapon Teams Upgrades grants the following inventions. Banners for units:

  • Incendiary Rounds
    • Missile Strength +12% (assigned unit)
  • Sniper's Cape
    • Missile Strength: +12% (assigned unit)
    • Missile Resistance: 10% (assigned unit)
    • Attribute: Stalk (assigned unit)

Afterwards, the bonuses unlock the three unique Weapon Teams. The Doombringers gain Charge Defence vs. Large and become Unbreakable in comparison to normal Warpfire Throwers. The Eye-Takers do not break shields like normal Warplock Jezzails but blind their victims instead and get the Hawkish Precision augment for more AP damage.

Doom Rockets

  • Warp-Power Plant
    • Winds of Magic starting amount: +5 (all armies)
  • Under-Empire Silos
    • Increase storage for Doomrockets: +3
  • Toxic Waste Salvage
    • +100% chance to recover Warp-fuel after using a Doomrocket in battle
  • Kill-Experiment Field
    • Casualty replenishment rate +10% after using a Doomrocket in battle
  • Refined Warpstone
    • 25% chance to build an extra Doomrocket in the Forbidden Workshop
  • Chemical Warp-Heads
    • Doomrockets will cause additional damage over time


The ratling gun's, endless drum passive does indeed make ammunition for Ratling gunners endless, as when ammunition reaches 20%, regeneration of ammuniton will be applied, and is therefor a must have upgrade if one plans to use ratling gunners

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