Gaze of Mork

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Gaze of Mork
Wh main spell big waaagh gaze of mork cropped.png
TypeIcon spell magic missile.pngMagic Missiles
CostIcon mana.png 5
CooldownIcon cooldown 26.png 23
Icon distance to target.png250m
Cannot use ifClimbing, Manning equipment
EffectsArrow increase 1.png Causes Modifier icon magical.png magical damage

Arrow increase 1.png Strong versus a single combatant
Arrow increase 1.png Good against large combatants
Arrow increase 1.png Good from a high angle

Ua arrow decrease 1.png Poor penetration


  • +150m Icon distance to target.png Range (total: 400m)
  • +2 Icon mana.png Cost (total: 7)


Mork gives the Shaman the ability to project beams of coruscating energy from his eyes.

Units with this ability[edit]