Giants' Camp

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Giants' Camp
Chaos giants.png
FactionWarriors of Chaos
CategoryMilitary recruitment building
Icon income.png
Icon hourglass.png
Build time:
RecruitmentChaos Giant
Bonus effectsUnit upkeep reduction for Chaos Giants: -30%

Giants' Camp is a Warriors of Chaos military recruitment building in Total War: Warhammer. Giants stride the world, mostly in a drunken stupor. Those that wander too far north are enslaved and corrupted by Chaos.

Background[edit | edit source]

Giant migrations are far rarer now than in the past, for the Storm Giants are said to be no more. Yet there are remnants of the great Giant migrations - enclaves in the Badlands, deep in the forests of the Old World, and in the far north also. Those Giants that lingered in the shadow of the Realm of Chaos paid a high price for their indolence, becoming creatures of - and enslaved by - Chaos.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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