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Global Recruitment Is a mechanic where many factions can recruit units from outside the province where the Lord is located. This increases the cost and the amount of turns needed to recruit them usually, but if one wants to recruit units far away from your military infrastructure this is the best way. Some lords gains bonuses for global recruitment, Tyrion reduces the amount of turns needed for some High Elves units. Many factions tend to have a slight different version of this mechanic.

Alternative global recruitment mechanics[edit | edit source]

Dark elves[edit | edit source]

Instead of the global recruitment system the dark elf races have the Black Arks, movable units with buildings, much like hordes, from which armies in the vicinity can recruit units provided they close enough to the Black Ark, indicated by the Black Ark radius.

Vampires[edit | edit source]

The Vampire Counts and Vampire Coast have the raise dead mechanic with which they can instantly recruit units from battle sites. The Vampire Counts can only use the raise dead mechanic, while the Vampire Coast can utilize both the raise dead mechanic, as wel as global recruitment.