Hag Merchant Encountered

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The Hag Merchant Encountered Dilemma is unique to Broken Axe faction. The dilemma plays into the Grom's Cauldron. It appears as a quest location on the campaign map.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Stick fingas... tangled 'air,

Battle carrion everywhere

Sporez 'n shrooms in ma bag

See wot Boss gets from da Hag..."

You are approached by a mysterious Troll Hag food merchant who opens her bag of dead-things to offer you its revolting contents. As she licks a profuse amount of drool from her mud-crusted lips, she also mentions that she can 'improve' the current dish in your cauldron if you wish or provide great rewards if you cook her a dish of her choosing.

Choices[edit | edit source]

Buy the Hag's Carrion: Receives a random ingredient for the cauldron, -1000 gold

Let the Hag Cook: The Hag's Surprise-

Cook for the Hag: The Food Merchant challenges you to cook her a dish, completeing her dish unlocks a Cauldron ingredient slot and adds funds to your treasury (Issues a quest to be completed).

Daylight Robbery: +500 gold, +50 Scrap