Hexoatl (city)

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Hexoatl, the City of the Sun, is the northernmost temple-city, located on the Isthmus of Lustria. It's Lustria’s first line of defence against Northern invaders. The Grey Guardians, a sentient mountain range created by Lord Mazdamundi can be found two hundred miles north of Hexoatl. Raised to block the Dark Elf armies that threaten to overwhelm the city, the mountains proved so effective that the Mage-Priest made the enchantment permanent.

Throughout its history, the Isthmus of Lustria has been a frequent landfall for warmbloods who survive the journey across the Great Ocean. All of the intruders’ major settlements have been abolished, save only for Skeggi, whose occupants have, on the whole, proven wise enough to avoid conflict with Mazdamundi’s armies. Hexoatl is understandably the most martial of temple-cities. It is encircled not just by jungle but also high walls, upon which stand many towers. Serried ranks of Saurus and Temple Guard march down its wide avenues, and Skink patrols, reinforced by whole herds of Stegadons, sweep the surrounding land for hundreds of miles around to ensure any threat is stopped before it can reach Hexoatl.[1]

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